Payment methods




Pay dues online only!!

Payments for dues must be submitted through the on-line Team Unify system and can be paid with an E-Check, Credit or Debit card on-line.  The club does not accept check payments because you can utilize our E-Check or Debit card processing services which come directly out of your checking account.  There is a flat processing fee of $3.00 for every transaction associated with paying your account balance on-line.                                                   

(a)  Members have the option to process their own monthly payment on-line and can logon immediatelyto their account after receiving an invoice by e-mail to pay.                                         

(b)  Members have the option during registration to request the club to automatically process their monthly payments through our auto-bill system.                                   

Payment will be charged to the account number on file on or before the the 1st of the month.It is the responsibility of the member to keep their account numbers and expiration dates current in our billing system. 

The Treasurer will attempt to process the monthly payment once.  If the account number on file is declined for any reason, an e-mail notice will be sent to the member informing them of the problem.  Processing the monthly payment for the current month will then be the responsibility of the member until all account information is updated in the billing system.

If the payment is not processed by the member by the 10th of the month, late fees will be assessed according to the policies explained in the guide.

Privacy Notice - All information is confidential and on a secured network.  We do not shareor distribute information.