• starting platform at the start end of each lane; aka. starting block or platform


Clerk of the Course

  • facilitator of the heating area; sometimes used as a synonym for Heating



  • Colorado Swimming Inc., the state organization of USA Swimming; also known as an LSC.



  • area around the pool.



  • Event-Heat-Lane. This is the information a swimmer needs to know and remember at each meet.  They typically write this information on their hands, arms, or feet with a Sharpie marker. For example, if you are swimming in Event 49, Heat 2, Lane 4 you would write 49-2-4.


Heating Area

  • location where swimmers are staged prior to each event and seeded according to the time submitted with meet entry



  • Local Swim Committee Each LSC is made up of volunteers and is responsible for administering USA Swimming activities in a defined geographical area and has its own set of bylaws under which it operates. Colorado's LSC is Colorado Swimming, Inc. (CSI).


Long Course (LC)

  • pool facility is 50-meters in length. Times swam in this size pool are labeled LCM (long course meters)



  • a period of timed at each swim meet not to exceed 4 hours, in which designated events are completed.


Short Course (SC)

  • indoor pool facility is 25 yards long; outside SC pools are typically 25 meters.  Times will be noted as SCY (short course yards) or SCM (short course meters).



  • 1 swimmer swimming one event equals one splash