The main source of club communication will be this web site.  


We have several forms of communication to keep families informed of meets, practice schedules, entry deadlines, upcoming activities, etc.



Please join us at www.eatonredwaves.com for the latest information.


Text Messaging (SMS)

To use this method of communication, you must activate this tool on your own individual ERW account. It is highly recommended for short notice communications. (ie. late notice practice changes due to inclement weather).


E-mail Correspondence

For up-to-the-minute information email has proven to be the medium of choice for most families. Please keep your email address updated.


Individual Family Folders

Each family is given an individual family folder. They are kept in the black 2-drawer filing cabinet near the NE pool entrance for your convenience. Please check these folders often for important information, and awards for your swimmers. Ribbons, medals, etc. are often placed here after swim meets.


Parent Meetings

Parent information meetings are held every 1-2 times each year during practice times at the pool. We try to make it as convenient as possible for all to attend.


CSI Web site

The Colorado Swimming web site (www.csi.org) is an excellent source of general information about swimming in Colorado. Through this site you can also access the database that stores your child's swim meet times and meet results. The ERW develops our own meet schedule, drawn from the meet choices, posted on this site. The ERW meet schedule is posted at www.eatonredwaves.com .