Gold Group

Gold Group  (Above and Beyond)  (Invitation Only)

Swimmers must apply to this group


This group requires swimming to be your priority. No excuses, no exceptions. 

15 & over State Cuts

13 & 14 Sectional Cuts

Minimum workouts per week

13 y                        7 water plus 3x dryland

14 y                        7 water plus 3x dryland

15 & over               8 water plus 3x dryland

Attendance to all afternoon workouts and every Saturday morning workout is mandatory.

90% attendance required

Long term goals

-         Swim in a D1 college on a scholarship

-         Olympic trials cuts

Practice expectations

-         Arrive 10 min early to stretch

-         Get in on time

-         Come to train focused 

-          Be on time, stay the whole workout, do not get out early

-          Do not cheat in practice

-          Listen

-          Watch the clock, read the clock, leave on the right interval at the correct time

-          Know the set

-          Do the set

-          Know your time

-          Never sit out

-         Bring your equipment bag with all your equipment with you to every practice ( snorkel, fins, paddles,       nose clip, triangle kickboard)

-          Bring a full water bottle to every practice

-         Please no tie back suits

Meet Expectations

-          Attend all highest qualifying meets on our schedule (Summer/Winter)

-          Attend meets as discussed with the coaching staff

General expectations

-          Live a professional athlete lifestyle

-          Do not bully

-          Show good sportsmanship at all times

-          Be respectful of all your teammates

-          Support your teammates and your Team

-          Be respectful to your coaches

-           Lead by example

-          Do not belittle or talk down to any of your teammates

-          Eat properly, good nutrition is critical for high performance

-          Drink plenty of water

-          Dress appropriately (shoes, coats, etc.)

-          Get enough sleep

-          Nap when possible

-          Be very organized

-          Stay on top of your schoolwork

-          No cell phones on deck during practices or meets

‚Äč-         Stay off Social Media