Flatiron Swimming is partnering with the YMCA of Boulder Valley to jointly fund, acquire and install a removable dome (bubble) for the pool at the YMCA Lafayette location for winter training (September-May).

Benefits include:

  • Alleviate lane congestion at our current workout locations with preferential first right to water time that equates to 175 hours of lane space per week;
  • Full use of the facility that is kid and family friendly;
  • Coaches can streamline a more productive program;
  • Our team will have the opportunity to host home meets that have many benefits including to create a team identity, provide a great fundraising opportunity, and advertise who we are and what we represent.

The cost of this project is estimated at $630,000. Funding for the Bubble Project is the joint responsibility of Flatiron Swimming and the YMCA with each committing to raise $100,000 respectively and then together raise the additional $480,000.

The fundraising efforts by Flatiron Swimming are being approached in multiple ways:

  • Every Flatiron Swimming family makes a personal donation of at least $500;
  • Team fundraising events that require the volunteer time and participation of all team families;
  • Volunteer buy-out for those who do not wish to participate in team fundraising events, can donate $1,500 toward the project;
  • Collaborative work between Flatiron Swimming and the YMCA to secure corporate donations and grant donations toward the project.

Check out the Bubble Project tab on our website for updates on the projects and upcoming fundraising activities.