North Jeffco's senior groups are progressive and build upon each other depending on ability and goals. There are requirements for admittance into groups.
All practice fees have a cash or ACH payment discount of $20/trimester or $5/month.
From the white or black group, athletes move into this group. This group is for swimmers 13 & Older who are new to swimming or preparing for high school swimming. Basic technique is required in 2-4 strokes for this group. Swimmers should plan to attend at least 2-3 practices per week, depending on outside activities, to allow for improvement.
Green Group CoachAshley Cully-Strickland
From the white, black silver or green group, athletes move into this group. This group is for 13 and Older swimmers who are not at the sectional level yet or are at that level but cannot commit to the practice requirement of the blue group. Each swimmer should plan on swimming a minimum of 3-4 practices per week if there is a conflict with outside activities, but 5-6 is preferred. 
Orange Group CoachAshley Cully-Strickland
Practice Schedule
Placement in this senior group is based on previous commitment to swimming, efficiency of stroke, skill mechanics and training ability.  Swimmers will be training and competing at an advanced level to achieve a higher level of stroke efficiency and strong technical skills.  Emphasis is on training energy systems while maintaining stroke efficiency.  Strength training is strongly encouraged to prevent injury during swimming.  Swimmers will be placed on a program  designed for peak performance at Sectionals, Jr Nationals and Nationals.
Commitment:  A year round commitment is required and swimmers are expected to attend all scheduled practices.  Swimmers are expected to communicate with the coach in advance if they must miss a workout.
Blue Group Coach: Brett Stoyell