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We are going to restart the Coaches Blog as we prepare for a tremendous set of travel meets for our team.

This is an exciting time to be a member of Loveland Swim Club and I look forward to sharing with the team and the public what happens at the biggest swim meet on American Soil.

Coach Jim

From USA Swimming: 

From USA Swimmings Chuck Wielgus

My Goal with the Blogs through Olympic Trials is to give our team a Glimpse of what happens behind the scenes and in preparation for race swims. I hope everyone on Loveland Swim Club enjoys hearing about their teammates.

“Paving the Way” is a phrase we use to describe the power of belonging to a team that has had many successful athletes go before you and their success foretells the possibility of rising to the peak in our sport.

Day 1 Blog: Friday, June 24th

We leave today to drive to Omaha for the 2016 Olympic Trials

I rented a car Thursday and we have a scheduled senior practice this morning at Centennial from 6:00-7:15 AM. Morgan Friesen, Liam Gately, and Jake Ores were joined by a few Senior Group Swimmers that are not racing in this week in Lincoln. The last practice at Centennial was important as we would repeat the session as our first session at the Olympic Trial Pool.  

The Goal today is to drive to Omaha and begin our preparation for Olympic Trials. Morgan, Jake and Liam have been tapering for the meet. On the way to Omaha we stopped to watch and cheer on our younger swimmers in the Lincoln Meet. The team is doing a great job in the meet and currently is in second place in the meet.

One of the challenges of competing at the Olympic Trials is to be emotionally prepared for the meet. When a swimmer (or even a coach) walks into a big meet venue there is excitement. Walking into trials for the first time is even more daunting. By repeating this morning’s session the swimmers relaxed a little bit. The familiarity with the sets and the cadence of the practice allowed the swimmers to know what was next and allowed them to settle their nerves a bit.

There are two 50 meter pools. One is surrounded by 14,000 seats in the main arena. This is the pool that everyone that is coming to watch Sunday’s sessions will see. The second pool is behind the curtains and in addition to the pools there are athlete’s lounges, massage areas, coaches hospitality and video review areas.

After swimming we went down town to eat at Spaghetti Works. The downtown was crowded with College World Series fans and USA Swimming fans packing most of the restaurants. We saw several teams we know well and the vibe downtown was fun and exciting.

We are staying at Springhill Suites and the hotel is a short 5-6 minute drive to the pool.

Ok – some parts of day 1 for your info. Now to sleep and recharge for day 2!