How to Join

How to join Loveland Swim Club

If you don't know what group your swimmer should join, we will be holding new swimmer evaluations Saturday 9/7 and Saturday 9/14 from 9-10AM at Mountain View Aquatic Center in Loveland. Sign up here


If you know what group your swimmer should be in register here.


Contact Head Coach Trent Richardson if you have any questions on the process or if you would like more information before joining.






Splish swimmers do not need to be USA Swimming members. However, they will need to pay a $5 insurance fee for USA Lesson Liability.


Splash, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Senior and High School swimmers need to be USA Swimming Members. The USA Swimming membership fee will be charged after the swimmer's two week trial. The fee is $72 and goes directly to USA Swimming. 

Please note that the two week trial is for both you and the coach to determine if your child is ready to join the club. However, the coach always has final discretion regarding team and group membership.



First Month Dues & Club Registration Fee
After being placed in a group monthly dues will be billed at the beginning of each month.  The two week trial period will be credited onto your next month of dues.

There is also a yearly registration fee of $80 per swimmer, $130 max per family.

A $80 per swimmer registration fee is required when joining or rejoining the club during each
fiscal year (September - July). If a swimmer stops out of the club during the year for any reason 
they will pay this registration fee again when the rejoin the club during that year.



Start Swimming with the designated group
Practice Schedule
Monthly Dues



What do I bring to practice?
Bring a swim suit. Goggles and caps are needed for swimmers in Splash and higher-level groups. Loveland Swim Club members receive a 10% discount at Mind Imprints (MI Sports) located north on Hwy 287 in Loveland.



How do I halt swimming with the club?
If your swimmer leaves the club for a short or long period of time, you must contact Team Administrator Tamara Lemmon and your primary coach a minimum
of 10 days prior to the last day of participation. Tell your coach and the Team Administrator. You will continue to be charged monthly dues until the administrator is notified. 

Swimmers pay for the entire month once the month begins. If you stop swimming in the middle of the month, you still owe dues for that entire month. Dues are only prorated when someone joins the club in the middle of the month.