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Group Descriptions - Brand New!

Group Descriptions: Loveland Swim Club

The Team Practice Group Structure is designed to provide training groups where ability levels and group goals are homogenous. Loveland Swim Club has a well-defined ladder system where advancement through the system reflects progress in training and commitment to swimming. Practice Groups composed of swimmers of similar abilities and goals will operate more efficiently and will result in maximum progress and rate of an individual swimmer's development.

As Loveland Swim Club has progressed in the past 3 Quadrennials so has the Training Group Structure. The Group Structure highlighted below has been adjusted starting in the fall of 2016. The coaching staff is excited for the next steps in our team’s development. During the month of September 2016 the team will hold a contest to name the Training Groups highlighted below by Bronze (Group 1), Silver (Group 2), Gold (Group 3), Platinum (Group 4), High School Group and Senior Group. The age ranges given are averages. The lower age ranges are asterisked to indicate that moving forward early is predicated on meeting criteria based on meet performances. Swimmers at the higher age range will have the ability to move forward in the program but will need to meet practice and meet attendance percentages.

Splish classes are our initial stroke classes and are offered to kids 4 years and older.
There are three criteria for entrance to this class: First, the child must be mature enough to understand that Splish is a class and not playtime. Second, the swimmer must be at least four years of age. The average Splish Swimmer is usually 5-7 years old. Third, we expect Splishers to already be comfortable in the water and prepared to swim freestyle.

Splish classes work out in the shallow end of the pool and families register for 2 practice sessions per week. Practices are offered at DHAC and GRC. The latest class each night is reserved for the more advanced Splish students who are looking to move up to the next level, Splash.

Splash Group is meant for swimmers ages 6-10 who can swim laps in the deep end of the pool of backstroke and freestyle. Learning proper technique in all four strokes is the primary objective in this group. Splash meets M, W, F evenings for 45 minutes at DHAC or GRC. Local competition is offered but is not mandatory.

Bronze (Group 1)
The primary objectives for Bronze (Group 1) are proper development of all 4 strokes, turns, and starts. At Loveland Swim Club creating a fun positive environment for this group is very important as we want to create a lifelong enjoyment in the sport of swimming. Practices are divided into teaching segments that teach all 4 strokes at each session. Fins are utilized often during practice to promote correct kicking form and aid in stroke development. Swimmers are introduced to competition through a series of fun learning meets that include Loveland Swim Club hosted competitions, Team Honor Shirt Meets, and Snow Cone Series Meets.
            Average Group Age: 8 to 10
            Age Range: 7 to 11
            Sessions Offered Per Week: 4
            Suggested Minimum Practice Attendance: At least 2 sessions per week
            Practice Requirements to Enter Group:
                        Freestyle Swim Set: 100 Free under 2:30
                        Kick Set: 100 Kick under 3:00
            Time Standards: Two times from posted list
            Swimmers Advancing to Silver should have Minimum Practice Attendance: 60%+

Silver (Group 2)
In Silver (Group 2) our focus is to continue the skill development learned in Bronze and to add Fundamentals of Athletic Development. Training fundamentals are focused on set progressions emphasizing aerobic development and building good racing technique. Understanding the use of the pace clock, send-offs, and repeat times is taught. Positive competitions are used to test and refine skills which include racing splits, stroke count, and tempo.
            Average Group Age: 9 and 10
            Age Range: 8 to 11
            Sessions Offered Per Week: 5-6
            Suggested Minimum Practice Attendance: 60%
            Practice Requirements to Enter Group:
                        Freestyle Swim Set: 200 Free under 4:00
                        Kick Set: 4 x 50’s @1:20
                        Time Standards: 5 times from posted list
            Swimmers Advancing to Gold should have Minimum Practice Attendance: 70%+

Gold (Group 3)
In Gold (Group 3) Swimmers have begun to master their skills in strokes, starts, and turns taught in earlier team groups. Swimmers will perform all 4 strokes at each practice session. Swimming all 4 strokes well and creating an IM focused athlete is the team’s objective in Gold. Goal Setting and beginning to look forward to long term goals are emphasized beginning in Gold. Learning to be good teammates and understanding the “power of team” is a highlighted learning point begun in Gold. Competition is structured at the local and state level for this group.
            Average Group Age: 11 and 12
            Age Range: 10* to 13
            Sessions Offered Per Week: 6
            Suggested Minimum Practice Attendance: 70%
            Practice Requirements to Enter Group:
                        Freestyle Swim Set: 6 x 100’s Free @1:40
                        IM Swim Set: 4 x 100’s IM @2:20
                        Kick Set: 8 x 50’s @1:10
                        Time Standards: 5 times from posted list
            Swimmers Advancing to Platinum should have Minimum Practice Attendance: 75%+

Platinum (Group 4)
In Platinum Swimmers have begun to take on the sport of swimming with a focus to be the best athlete they can be. Swimmers should begin keeping a regular journal of their training and racing. Building their knowledge of the sport is also a key component of understanding what is possible and helps in the creation of long term goals. Learning to be positive teammates and be a positive part of the team is highlighted in Platinum. Competition begins to go to the regional level in Platinum and working to be the best age group swimmers in Colorado is a common group objective.
            Average Group Age: 13 and 14
            Age Range: 12* to 15
            Sessions Offered Per Week: 6
            Suggested Minimum Practice Attendance: 75%
            Practice Requirements to Enter Group:
                        Freestyle Swim Set: 10 x 100’s @1:25
                        IM Swim Set: 4 x 200’s IM @3:30
                        Kick Set: 12 x 50’s @1:00
            Time Standards: 5 times from posted list

High School Group
Loveland Swim Club is conducting a training group specifically for High School Age Athletes that want to improve their swimming. The focus is on learning proper stroke, start, and turn techniques, as well as improving fitness. The High School Development Group can serve as a great place to continue a swimmer's progress begun in their high school swim team. Swimmers can use this group in preparation for next year's high school season, or as a springboard into more advanced training groups.
High School Group
Average Group Age: 14-18
Sessions Offered Per Week: 5-6
Suggested Minimum Practice Attendance: 60%

Senior Team
The Senior Training Group represents the transformation from age group swimmer to senior athlete. The swimmer is responsible for more of their training responsibilities and carries a larger share of the responsibility for their own swimming. Swimmers are given responsibilities of monitoring their performances and communicating with the coach. The goal of this group is to achieve success on the regional and national stages. Swimmers and families need to realize that success at this level requires dedication and discipline. Highlighted in this group is the chance to be a team leader and a great athlete.
            Average Group Age: 15-18
            Age Range: 14* to 24
            Sessions Offered Per Week: 8+
            Suggested Minimum Practice Attendance: 80%+
            Practice Requirements to Enter Group:
                        Freestyle Swim Set: 20 x 100’s @1:15
                        IM Swim Set: 6 x 200’s IM @3:00
                        Kick Set: 16 x 50’s @:50
            Time Standards: 5 times from posted list

Equipment for the Loveland Swim Club
Splish Equipment: Fins
Splash Equipment:  Fins
Group 1 Equipment: Fins, Kickboard
Group 2 Equipment:  Fins, Snorkel, Kickboard
Group 3 Equipment: Fins, Snorkel, Kickboard, Paddles, Buoy, Band
High School Equipment:  Fins, Snorkel, Paddles, Kickboard, Buoy, Band, 2 Tennis Balls
Group 4 Equipment:  Fins, Snorkel, Paddles, Kickboard, Buoy, Band, 2 Tennis Balls
Senior Equipment: Fins, Snorkel, Paddles, Kickboard, Buoy, Band, 2 Tennis Balls

Yards Time Standards:

Event Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Senior Girls Senior Boys
50 Free 55.99 39.99 33.59 28.99 26.59 24.29
100 Free   1:31.89 1:13.59 1:03.09 57.49 53.19
200 Free   3:23.19 2:42.19 2:19.19 2:03.89 1:56.59
500 Free     7:11.99 6:12.99 5:29.69 5:15.69
1000 Free         11:22.69 11:00.99
1650 Free         18:58.69 18:23.89
50 Back 1:05.99 48.99 38.59      
100 Back   1:46.29 1:26.79 1:12.69 1:02.69 58.09
200 Back     2:59.99 2:34.99 2:15.29 2:06.29
50 Breast 1:10.99 54.79 43.69      
100 Breast   1:59.99 1:36.79 1:22.09 1:12.49 1:06.29
200 Breast     3:26.79 2:57.59 2:35.99 2:23.29
50 Fly 1:07.99 48.49 37.29      
100 Fly   0:48.49 1:27.29 1:12.49 1:02.59 57.69
200 Fly     3:04.39 2:37.59 2:16.59 2:08.69
100 IM   1:45.59 1:25.79      
200 IM   3:45.39 3:04.49 2:37.59 2:18.69 2:09.09
400 IM     6:30.59 5:38.09 4:54.49 4:37.29

Meters Time Standards

Meters Bronze Silver Gold Platinum  Senior Girls Senior Boys
50 Free 1:03.99 45.49 38.19 32.89 30.39 27.59
100 Free   1:44.09 1:24.99 1:12.89 1:05.49 1:01.29
200 Free   3:51.49 3:04.99 2:38.59 2:21.99 2:14.99
400 Free     6:28.89 5:34.09 4:59.99 4:49.99
800 Free         10:20.59 10:04.19
1500 Free         19:59.59 19:14.99
50 Back 1:15.99 56.19 44.39      
100 Back   2:03.89 1:38.89 1:23.29 1:12.79 108.69
200 Back     3:28.89 2:59.19 2:36.69 2:29.49
50 Breast 1:20.99 1:01.79 48.89      
100 Breast   2:19.89 1:49.99 1:33.79 1:23.09 1:17.09
200 Breast     3:55.79 3:22.29 2:59.19 2:47.29
50 Fly 1:17.99 54.89 41.29      
100 Fly   2:13.19 1:37.49 1:21.89 1:10.79 105.39
200 Fly     3:30.29 3:00.49 2:36.79 2:27.19
100 IM            
200 IM   4:14.09 3:29.59 2:59.79 2:40.69 2:31.39
400 IM     7:28.79 6:25.39 5:40.09 5:24.59