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Welcome to Loveland Swim Club

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What Now?

Be sure to sign up all of your family's contacts, (phones & emails), under your My Account section of the web site. Then verify each contact so email and text notifications will not be spammed. Enter your swimmer's email addresses too. Only one email and password per family can be used as the Login. All the other emails are for receiving team information notices.

What other ways may I find information?

We post our upcoming Meet Information including how to volunteer, check entries etc... under the EVENTS link in the web site. Use the Edit Commitment button to check your athlete's entries. Use the Job Sign Up button to register to help run the event. (this is how you earn your Service points)

In addition, each pool has a bulletin board with meet entry information, team entry lists, time standards and swimming articles. 

Take time to tour our team website for information as well:

The web hosting company, Team Unify, offers great tutorials and an FAQ section to answer many of your questions. View this area under the SYSTEM tab of the web site.


Where do I get swimming equipment?

MI Sports on Hwy 287, north of Hobby Lobby on east side, sells fins as well as other swim gear.  You can receive a discount when you mention that you are with the LSC.  With an additional discount for Speedo gear.

Does my swimmer need a cap?  How do I get the Loveland cap?

We ask all swimmers to wear a team cap at our meets.  At practice swimmers may wear any cap of choice.

Swimmers do not need to wear a cap during practice.  However, it does help in keeping hair out of swimmers mouths when they breath and off the goggles so they can see.  

Team caps can be purchased at the swim meets at our Concession Stand during home meets.

What is the process for paying dues?  

Our web site offers ACH payment and Credit Card payment (with an administration fee) which may be set up under My Account, then click the Payment $etup tab at the top, follow the process. To remove your ACH or Credit Card go through the same process.

Invoices can be viewed by logging on to your account using the Sign In tab. Click on My Account. View your invoices by clicking on $My Invoice/Payment or change your payment method by clicking on My Account and proceed to Payment $etup.

What is the USA Swimming Registration and Team Registration?

Loveland Swim Club is a USA Swimming Club.  USA Swimming is our national governing body.  As such, all participants in the Splash, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, High School and Senior groups are required to be USA Swimming members for liability reasons.  This also puts the athletes in the national data base for performance tracking as well as opportunities for meets, camps, etc in Colorado and through out the country. The USA Swimming Registration is an annual fee collected each fall or when the swimmer joins the team.

Splish swimmers will need to pay a $5 fee for our learn to swim liability.

The LSC Registration fee is our team's annual fee. It helps to pay for our office supplies and web site expenses. This fee is assessed every fall at the beginning of our season or when a swimmer joins or rejoins the team during the fiscal year.


Do we need to compete in each meet?

This depends on the swimmer’s goals, season objectives, and level of swimming. Swimmers do not need to swim in each meet.  In planning our competition schedule, the team only competes about once every three to four weeks.  Many of our meets are here in Loveland or Greeley so we certainly encourage our swimmers to enter as often as they can. 

Coaches use the meets to monitor the progression of swimmers on their stroke, turn and start technique.  This helps in practice planning and making individual adjustments for every swimmer.

How do I know what events to have my swimmer swim in a meet?  Can I leave it up to the coaches?

Yes – but this is a “work together” process as the swimmer develops.

Before entering a meet, ask your coach which events your child should enter or are ready to swim.  Our program focuses on building strength in the Individual Medley (IM), so swimmers should enter an event in each of the strokes. Sometimes the coaches will select the events for your child and will ask you to Confirm your entries using our online system. Check your entries by clicking on the Edit Commitment button located next to the meet Event in question.

Coaches can certainly enter the events for swimmers.  Just indicate on the swimmer’s entry form that the coach should select the events.


If my swimmer wants to try a meet, how do we sign up?  How much does it cost, and how will we be billed?I

Meet entry information is available on our team web-site under the EVENT tab.  Click on the Edit Commitment button and confirm your swimmer's entries.

Entry fees are added to your family's bill after that meet has 'closed' and the entries have been submitted to the hosting club. Changes can not be made after this date even if a child must miss the event due to illness or injury. Once the entries are finalized, they can not be edited nor deleted.

How many levels of swimming are in the club, and how is it determined what level my swimmer will swim? 

Swimmers are placed into groups based on their age and swimming ability. 

We have six levels to our program starting with the Splish & pre-Splish Groups.  These are our entry level groups focusing on the fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke.  Our next group is the Splash group which builds on freestyle and backstroke, and begins on the fundamentals of butterfly and backstroke. 

Once swimmers have demonstrated mastery of the four strokes, the may begin in Group 1 , where they continue to work on the fundamentals of the four strokes, as well as starts and turns.  Swimmers then progress to the Group 2 and Group 3 Groups.  The focus remains on technique work; however, swimmers are now being introduced to training sets.   Group 4 is for our advanced age group swimmers and then there is our Senior Group and High School groups for high-school aged swimmers. The Senior group is for those swimmers training year-round to prepare for swimming in college. The High School group is for more seasonal teenage swimmers who are getting ready for their high school seasons.