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MACS Pool Locations

Scroll down for directions to Lowry Pool!!!

Mission Aurora Colorado Swimming offer three different pools to meet the unique training needs of the entire team. MACS is one of a limited number of teams in the country that own their own pool enabling continuous access to a pool at premium times. Pier Point Pool is a 25 meter facility located near Quincy and Parker Roads in Aurora, Colorado. The team also practices at the Eaglecrest High School Swimming Pool in Southeast Aurora near E-470 and Smoky Hill Road. During the Summer months, MACS also practices at area long course pools including Lowry.

Pier Point Pool
3869 S. Atchison Way
Aurora, CO 80014

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Eaglecrest High School Pool
5100 S. Picadilly St
Centennial, CO 80015

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Lowry Pool
775 Akron Way, Building #695
Denver, CO

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