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  2019/2020 FEE SCHEDULE

TRAILBLAZERS This is our pre-team level for younger swimmers transitioning to a competitive team. Practice is typically 30 minutes, 2 days/wk for 8 week session (2 months). $60/month= $120/session

BASECAMP This is the entry competitive level for Peak Swim Team, no competitive swim team experience required. Practice is typically 1 hour, 3 days/wk. $95/month      

FOOTHILLS: Swimmers must be able to swim 100 yards independently, pass all components of Basecamp. Practice is typically 1 hour, 4 days/wk. $120/month         

MONTANE: This level is primarily for the experienced swimmer. Swimmers must pass all prior levels, and strive for times in the “B” time in the USA Motivational Time Standards for their age group in at least one event. Practice is typically 1.5 hours-2 hours, 5 days/wk.  $140/month     

SUMMIT: This group is highly competitive and represents the highest caliber of athletes on the swim team. They are the leaders and mentors of our athletes. Practice is typically 2 hours, 5-6 days/week. $155/month



Families with: 

two swimmers will receive a 10% discount off of their monthly membership dues

three or more swimmers will receive a 15% discount off of their monthly membership dues


FUNDRAISING is an integral part of Peak Swim Team’s annual budgetary requirements. Revenue generated through fundraising is important in annual operating budget.  Without fund raising, we cannot successfully sustain our goals for our organizational swim team members. Because our annual operating budget shortfall, it is necessary that every Peak Swim Team family volunteers and helps in our fundraising events. 

TO OFFSET ABOVE FEES: for every $500 a swimmer raises in our t-shirt sponsorship (from business donations) (due Oct. 11), our SwimAThon (private donations) (Nov. 8), or for securing sponsorship or grants, that swimmer's account will be credited $75. 


USA SWIMMING: PEAK is a USA Swimming swim team, and as such, every swimmer must be a USA Swimming member. The $72/year membership includes swimmer's insurance, access to USA Swimming membership information, and eligibility to compete in USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets. Trailblazer swimmers will not be USA Swim members, as they are a pre-team level and will not participate in sanctioned or inter-squad meets.


ADMINISTRATIVE: Like other swim teams and athletic clubs, Peak Swim Team has an annual administrative fee per family. This is applied to our Team Unify site, insurance,  and other administrative costs to the team. The required administrative fee is $75/swimmer or $140/family each year.


SWIM MEETSSwim meets carry a fee, determined by the host team. Usually, this is a general swimmer fee and then a per event fee. Often, the per event fee is around $5, and the general swimmer fee is between $5 and $10.  Swimmer fees for relays are paid by Peak Swim Team.  It will be the responsibility of the swimmer/parent to pay the swim meet fees, if they choose to compete in that meet. 

However, it is the goal of Peak Swim Team to pay in part or in full our swimmer's meet fees for any meets we host  throughout the year. This is one example of why our fundraising is so important in keeping fees reasonable for our families and providing great opportunities for our swimmers.


FINANCIAL AID:  Any family that has financial hardship and needs assistance for monthly dues should contact Coach Rusty. All requests will be reviewed by the board for approval.  This is only for monthly team dues and does not apply for any other expenses such as swim meet participation fees, registration fee, or USA Fees (USA Swimming does have an Outreach program through their site). All applications are kept confidential.

For those who receive financial aid, volunteer hours (above what is required for all swim families) in fundraising and other team events will be required.

Financial assistance may not be available to all who request it, as our sponsorships and donations provide this option and much depends on our sponsorships and donations for the year, but we will try to accommodate as many swim families in need as we can.