Meet Sign Up Policy

Meet Form Download

Rocky Mountain Thunder Swimming, LLC has the following policy in regards to participation in swim meets:

The meet form is to help plan your winter schedules. Please fill out the form, and make a copy for your records. 
If you need to make changes during the year please be in contact with your direct coach. Its easier to take a swimmer out of a meet then put them into a meet after deadlines.
The coaching staff will be signing everyone up for swim meets each session and will send in entries right away to try to secure our spot in the upcoming swim meet. The coaching staff will send out an email to you once sign ups are complete. You will have until the deadline to make changes to the days of which you want your swimmers to swim and/ or remove swimmers from the meet. There will be deadlines for each meet, parents will have until the deadline to make changes after they receive the meet confirmation email. with a few days before the sign up due date.
When you receive an email, click the link, sign in and see in what and if your son/daughter is signed up for the meet. If you can’t attend, please email your direct Coach before the due date. If you do not DECLINE, the coach will assume you plan on attending. The day after our due date, up to 2 months before the meet, the coaching staff will re-send the entries to the host team. There will be a fee associated with going to a swim meet, so to avoid being billed for the entry fees that you do not participate in, it is very important you DECLINE if you will NOT be participating. Once the entries are resent, these are final and a check will be sent to the host team. The fees for the meet will be attached to the swimmers account at that time. Fees must be paid before the start of the meet. There are no refunds.
When it comes to qualifier meets the coaching staff will enter everyone that is qualified, so if your swimmer is not signed up for the meet, s/he is either too fast for the meet or not quite fast enough. Some meets we attend will have limitations on who they accept. If your swimmer is qualified for this meet, they are expected and are required to attend these qualifier meets. It is YOUR responsibility to talk to your coach to make sure they are on the same page as you, so that you get signed up for events what you want to swim.