Pool Deck Policy

Pool Deck Policies

Communication and Parent Deck Etiquette
Communication is absolutely crucial for the team to succeed.  We believe there needs to be a strong communication line between the coaches, the swimmers, and the parents to ensure that all parties are on the same page.  If a problem should ever arise, we ask that the parent(s) address a coach directly and immediately so that the situation can be handled right away.  This prevents a problem from escalating and getting out of hand.  We DO NOT condone gossiping of any kind on this team.  This type of communication is destructive to the integrity of a team and can lead to greater problems or resentment towards others on the team.  We welcome parents to address us whenever there is a problem, concern, or question with the team.  We are more than happy to arrange a meeting to sit down and address the situation.  The coaching staff is available to discuss arrangements for a meeting prior to swim practice (before 4:45PM) or after practice (after 8:30PM), but NEVER during practice.  This is distracting to both the coaching staff and to the swimmer.  Once swim practice has begun, parents are not allowed to approach a coach unless it is an emergency.  To best serve our swimmers parents are allowed on deck only the first 15 mins of practice and the last 15 mins of practice. Outside of those times parents are not allowed on deck unless approved by coaching staff.  
Coaches Discretion Statement
It is the right of a coach of Rocky Mountain Thunder Swimming, to make a decision whether to move a swimmer up groups as well as move them down to lower groups. The coach has the best interest of the swimmer in mind.  
Also, it is the right of a coach to remove a swimmer or parent from the deck or pool at anytime if it is deemed necessary to do so.  If a swimmer is removed from the water, a meeting will be held with the swimmer and parent at the end of practice.
It is the right of the coach to change, add or cancel practice times or change equipment needs at anytime. Practice can be canceled if it is in the best interest or safety of the swimmers.
Practice Cancellation Policy
Go to team website or Member Website before you leave the house, check your email. If you have given your cell phone number to a coach, look for a text. 
If schools are closed due to weather, practice is canceled as well.  If accident alert for the Wheat Ridge Area is in effect, practice 9 of 10 times will be canceled.
Use your best judgment before you come to practice, check the web all ways