Competitive Training


The Corona Aquatics Team "Crocodiles" is structured to optimize talent -- to meet you right where you are and help you reach your goals.  Each level requires a little more determination as well as a more perfect stroke plus general and specific fitness. Competitive Team Coach will make determination of appropriate training group placement upon evaluation of swimmer.



Bronze Beginner Training Group

The Bronze training group are the swimmers who want to commit to their very first meet or who have competed in one or two swim meets but haven’t quite made the leap to full on competitive swimmers.  The plan is to work a bit harder on their stroke development and endurance in preparation for getting their very first white times and red times while at the same time not over stressing their bodies.  By minimizing the swimmer to coach ratio their workouts will be much more efficient.  

Silver Training Group

The silver training group are the swimmers who have red and blue times and are working towards the championship cuts.  Their workouts are tailored to their age and ability.  The lower ability swimmers are continuing to work on stroke development.  The upper ability swimmers are fine tuning each part of their stroke.  They continue to increase endurance and intensity.

Gold Training Group

These are our dedicated and hard-working swimmers.  Improving performance is their goal. This core group has a dedication to both swimming and scholastic achievement. Their workout consists of fine tuning each small aspect of their stroke combined with intensity training.  Fine tuning each detail of a stroke can take off hundredths of a second and at the championship level a hundredth of a second can be the difference between a gold medal or a silver medal.  Just ask Michael Phelps. 

Steel Training Group

This group is for the 13 & over swimmers that are new to swimming

Platinum Training Group

This is for the hi-performing and dedicated swimmers.