What's CSA?

The Competitive Swim Conference (CSA) is in its 5th year.

The current CSA is composed of four USA Swimming teams.  The conference is modeled after NCAA (college) swimming to create a more fun, team oriented, and competitive swim conference in the California bay area. 

The four teams in the conference race the other teams in dual to quad meets during the competition season.  At these meets, each age group swimmer can score points for his or her team, including relays, just like at a college meet.  Swimming is, after all, a team sport.  Like NCAA, the swimmers from the teams are encouraged to excel in both academics and athletics while representing the swimmer's home team. 

To help encourage faster swimming and goal setting, swimmers will have the opportunity to qualify for the CSA Conference Championships.  The Conference meet will consist of all CSA teams coming together.  Swimmers qualify for the meet much like JOs or Far Westerns (by achieving a specific time standard) during the qualifying period (the CSA season). NCAA Championship meets normally take the top 28-31 swimmers in each event. A times qualify automatically and B times allow a swimmer to be eligible for those 28-30 spots.  The A times are really fast.  CSA has qualifying times and recognition times so our youth swimmers have the opportunity to see how fast swimming can really be and to set goals to get to those faster times. 



CSA Bylaws

CSA is created to support the teams and swimmers involved.  Any proceeds made in the inaugural year will be given back to the teams.