Become an Official

Officials play a very important role in swimming.  Officials keep swimming fair, well-run, standardized, organized, safe, and challenging for swimmers.  We need more parents from every team to step up to the role of "official."

What types of officials are there?

What are the steps in becoming an official?

1. Attend a clinic (upcoming clinics are posted on our "Officials Clinic" page.

2.Get on deck training where you will shadow experienced officials (kind of like an internship!)  New officials can train at most age group meets and CSA dual meets.

3. Register as a "Non-Athlete Member" through USA Swimming.  This includes a background check.

4. Take the USA Swimming Test for the position.  The tests are online and open book.  You must have already completed your non-athlete registration before you are eligible to take the tests.

To run a swim dual meet, we need a Head Referee, Head Starter, and an Admin Official.  To run bigger meets, we need even more!  Officiating is fun and rewarding.  For more information on getting trained to officiate, please ask your team's Head Coach.  The CSA supports our teams and will try to set-up as many training meets as possible to help the teams train officials. 

For training clinics, check out the "Officials Clinics" tab for more information.

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