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Online Tests for Officials

Take USA Swimmings online tests to fulfill specified requirements for official positions.  The online testing and certification program ensures consistency of officials.

Track hours

Track Your Officiating Hours online through OTS tracking. 

Certification Card

How to print your certification card from OTS.

Meet Forms

All meet forms needed for officials including no show records, DQs for events, positive check in sheets, scratch from finals, deck assignment, split forms, relay take off, and record application forms.

National Certification Program

The National Officials Certification Program is administered by the USA Swimming Officials Committee. Its goal is to expand the education of officials through mentoring, participation and evaluation.  It also recognizes those officials who have demonstrated their knowledge of swim officiating at each level and position.



Order a Name Tag

Hasty Awards white custom name tag with USA Swimming logo

Order Apparel

USA Swimming

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Polos with USA Swimming officials logo through IL Swimming

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Officials Awards

Nominate an Outstanding Official

Officials provide a critical role in any successful swim meet.  Top-notch officials are honored throughout the year by two key awards - The Maxwell Excellence Award for service and the Kenneth J. Pettigrew Award. Check out USA Swimming's "Nominate an Outstanding Official" page.