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Thanks for some research by USA Swimming, we know that there are approximately 1,685 men's and 3,117 women's college swimming scholarships available. Of those, about one-third are awarded each season (roughly 561 for boys and 1,037 for girls). There are approximately 26,000 male high school seniors and 32,200 female high school seniors who swim or dive compared to 2,800 male college freshmen and 3,600 female college freshmen. This means that one of every 9.7 senior boys and one out of every 8.8 senior girls will begin swimming in college. One out of every 14.5 high school boy swimmers and one out of every 13.2 high school girl swimmers will swim in college.  The odds of a boy receiving a scholarship is 1 in 48 and for girls 1 in 31.