Fundraising Policy

Click HERE to view the full CUDA Fundraising Policy.

Fundraising Requirements

Each CUDA family with a registered swimmer is responsible for meeting the fundraising commitment of $50 for Short Course season (SC) and $50 for Long Course season (LC) or a total of $100 for the entire Swim Year.

The amount of $50 is billed upfront together with registration fees at the start of each the Short and Long Course Season Any credit accumulated from the previous season will be applied to the swimmers current account balance if you will be continuing into the next season .

Any amount solicited at the annual CUDA Swim-a-Thon DOES NOT go towards any credit to the fundraising commitment nor to team due and fees.

Fundraising Options

ShopWithScrip Program*
Families can order from over 1,000 different types of physical gift cards and ScripNow eCards. (These electronic gift cards are available immediately after purchase.)

King Sooper’s scrip cards can be purchased via ShopWithScrip.

Creating a ShopWithScrip Account

  1. Create your free ShopWithScrip account in just a few easy steps. Click here) to sign up! (CUDA enrollment code is: 89A6D31B14921)
  2. Once you are enrolled, Signup for Presto Pay. (Presto Pay is the only payment method supported with this particular scrip program.)
  3. Receive confirmation that your presto has been set up and confirmed. (You will receive a 4-digit code, which must be sent to the to finalize your enrollment.)

All physical gift card purchases made directly through ShopWithScrip will be processed on the 1st of the month. Delivery can take up to 3 weeks. Gift card(s) are delivered to the CUDA Fundraising Coordinator. You will be contacted once the gift cards are received to schedule a date/time for delivery to the pool.

You will be able to track all your purchase and your swimmer accounts will be credited at the end of the season any credits that are do.

Questions regarding your ShopWithScrip account can be directed to

King Soopers Scrip Card*
1.    Purchase a reloadable King Soopers scrip card from CUDA for $25.
2.    Reload the card at the store.
3.    Earn a 5% rebate on all reloads you do at King Soopers.
King Soopers scrip cards can be purchased with cash, check or PrestoPay (ShowWithScrip).

Old Chicago Pizza Palz Card ** SOLD OUT **

Questions can be directed to a CUDA Fundraising Coordinator.

Scrip Pool Hours
Families at BCC can obtain scrip cards at the Pizza Meets or reaching out to Mike and Bree to schedule a time.
Families at VMAC can obtain scrip cards the first and third Thursday of the month or reaching out to Joy to schedule a time.