About the Colorado Torpedoes

The Colorado Torpedoes Swim Team was founded by Coach Roy Chaney in 2006 with the intent to provide children in the Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs, and Woodland Park areas with a quality competitive swimming program.

Our mission is to offer an outstanding year-round technique-based, low yardage race pace swim team program to swimmers in the Pikes Peak region. Our goal is to provide a valuable experience to swimmers by teaching them the meaning of integrity and ethical conduct, the basic principles of competition, fair play, sportsmanship, and to give the opportunity to all children to learn the sport of competitive swimming in a safe environment. Our program aspires to teach that winning and succeeding are not necessarily the same thing.  We want to instill that hard work and dedication will help swimmers achieve their goals in life, both in and out of the water.

We are a mid-sized team with approximately 50 - 70 swimmers, ages 5 - 18, and train at the Manitou Springs Pool & Fitness Center.


All our efforts are guided by these values:

* SAFE ENVIRONMENT - We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment for all members. 

* INTEGRITY - Athletics involve character development and therefore we will conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity. We are at all times honest and forthright in our dealings with each other, the media, and public.

* PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - Our purpose is to teach proper stroke technique and teach the art of swimming. We will also promote the personal growth and physical well being of our swimmers. We will guide them to become the best they can be.

* TEAMWORK - We will compete to support our team and for our own personal growth. We understand that the success of one swimmer is the result of many dedicated individuals. We will provide support and encouragement to all on our team from newest swimmer as well as the veteran athlete. We will always recognize everyone's individual performance, and we will also celebrate the achievements of the team.

* EXCELLENCE - Dedication to excellence will be the cornerstone of our team. Individually and collectively, we strive always to give our all.

* LEADERSHIP - Our goal is to maintain a model swimming program that other teams may wish to emulate. We will provide the best drills and training available with consistency. We will continue to learn new techniques and keep abreast of the latest racing strategies and skills. All our training will be added to the foundation of a technique-based program always balancing technical development with physical development.