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Frequently Asked Questions - Competitive Program
How do I schedule a tryout?

EKSC offers free evaluations at various pool locations in early September. Please check out our website in August for tryouts dates and times. Evaluations for our competitive programs will be an hour long, please attend at start of time scheduled.  No signup is necessary.


Please contact the office at  to arrange for an assessment at any other time throughout the year. 


How do I register?
You can register on-line at by following the link on our home page to ONLINE REGISTRATION.
When will I know that I am registered for EKSC?
You will be registered after you fill in the forms on the club website, pay the registration fee and provide the completed paperwork to the Keyano Club Office. Office hours can be found on the club website. Once you have been registered, you will receive and email from our website with log-in instructions to access your account. Please log into the website to review your information. If you have not received log-in instructions 15 days after you sent in your registration, please email us at or call 780.432.9448.
When and how do I receive my bill?
Every month on the 20th, an invoice is generated online by the Team Unify system. All activity in the system at that time will appear on your invoice which will be sent out by email on the 20th of the billing month. All other activity after the 20th will be on your next invoice the following month. In order to view your bill log into the website using your email address provided to you by EKSC.  You will be required to pay off your account to a ZERO balance by the 30th of that same month or be subject to a $25 late fee.
How do I pay my bill?
Team Unify does automatic billing once your credit card is set up in the system and your invoice amount is processed on the 30th of each month. Your invoice can also be via TelPay (FREE), PayPal (net amount applied to your account), Debit or by cash/cheque (FREE) in the Keyano Office. 
When are payments due to EKSC?
Invoices are sent to you via email on the 20th of each month. All payments are due on the 30th of each month.  Any payments received after that day of the month are considered late. Our late fee is $25.00 per month.
How do meet entries work?
At the beginning of every season, our coaching staff publishes a meet schedule. This season’s schedule is currently located under “Events/Meets”. Parents are responsible for Signing Up for a swim meet prior to our deadline - not signing up will result in an assumed drop-out of the eligible meet. Coaches will then do the actual individual entries on behalf of all signed-up swimmers using their seasonal plan and expertise to determine the appropriate events for the swimmer.
How can I cancel my membership?
If you wish to cancel your membership, we need a written notice. Your written notice should be sent to stating you wish to withdrawal. You will be responsible for all applicable fees as per the club financial policy.
What if my swimmer wants to take a break from swimming for a couple of months?
If you wish to become inactive from the club, we need written sent by email to A $100.00 administration fee per swimmer will be assessed for swimmers becoming inactive. If inactive for less than 150 days, a reactivation fee of $100.00 per swimmer will be charged upon returning. Inactivity for medical reasons is not subject to the reactivation fee. 
Who do I talk to if I have a question about my bill?
If you have a question regarding your bill, send your inquiry to or call the Keyano office at 780.432.9448.
How often would my child swim?
In order to find out when and where your child swims please consult the 'Group Description' section under Team Info. You will find a complete list and schedule of all practice times and locations of your child’s group listed there.
What are the costs?
All costs and responsibilities can be found on Fees & Commitments Charts