Concession Manager

Job Description – Concession Manager

Open: September 9, 2015

Position:            Concession Manager

The Concession Manager has overall responsibility for ensuring that concession stand operations run smoothly for the duration of a meet. The following define the Concessions Manager position:

Commitment:    One Meet

Support Credits:        October Scary FAST meet 3 credits, December Mid-Season Finale 4 credits, January Winter Open 3 credit, May LC Spring meet 3 credits.


The Concession Manager’s responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Meeting with the Head of Concessions the evening prior to the start of the meet. This meeting will take place at EPIC when the supplies/inventory for the meet are delivered to the pool. The Head of Concessions will discuss the food plans for the weekend with the Concession Manager.
  2. Arriving to the pool early on meet mornings to initiate food preparation and coffee making. I checklist will be provided which describes the necessary “opening” tasks.
  3. Ensuring that concession stand has adequate stock of coffee, beverages, food and snacks. If an inventory shortage occurs, the Concession Manager is responsible for purchasing supplies to resolve the shortage.
  4. Collecting pre-arranged, prepared food from outside agencies to be sold at the concession stand.
  5. Ensuring the volunteers at each session of the meet are trained in selling programs, taking credit card transactions, hygiene and safety, food preparation, menu, and customer service.
  6. Serving as the point of contact throughout the day for concession stand workers. The concession manager is NOT expected to be at EPIC for each session of the meet. They concession manager is expected to oversee the transition of concession workers during the day.
  7. Manage cash overflows and work with Business Manager to make sure adequate change is available.
  8. Meeting with the Head of Concessions during the “closing” of the concession stand following the final session of the meet.


          Mentor:                                 Julie Wallace (bookkeeper@fortcollinsareaswimteam.org)

          Head of Concessions:        Toby Engel (tengel9502@gmail.com)