Age Group Practice Equipment

Below is a  list of  items needed for each team. These are items which are required for each practice. Please label the items with your child's name.

We will start using fins towards the end of next week so please get them asap and start bringing them right away. Swimmers should bring their fins on deck for every practice. Do not leave them in the locker rooms during or after practice.  Water Bottles are essential. Your swimmer doesn't need a large water bottle but does need something to stay hydrated during practice. For obvious reasons, glass water bottles are not permitted on deck. I have included links to the items below, but also suggest keeping these items in a mesh bag so they can dry out.

Many of our items are available on Amazon. If you don't have Prime to take advatage of discounted/free shipping, click the image below for a free, 30 day trial


Gold: Water Bottle, Fins

Age Group: Water Bottle, Fins, Kick Board

Age Group Select: Water Bottle, Fins, Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Snorkle

We also have an optional gear choice for AG Select which are called Finger Paddles

There are two different types; I would suggest the Speedo Biofuse but the Arena are good too if the Speedos sellout. These are a great piece of equipment for working on developing feel for the water and increasing the catch without stressing shoulders but we will not be using them all the time so they are optional. If you get them pack them in your swimmers bag and Ill let them know which sets are appropriate to use them.