Timing Policy


Weston Swimming's Timing Policy

Gold Short Course Timing Requirement:

Each Weston swimmer's family is required to time a minimum of 2 timing shifts per swimmer.  If you have more than one swimmer in any level group, the family timing requirement cap is 6 shifts. Most shifts are between 2-3 hours. 

Age Group (and up) Short Course Timing Requirement:

Each Weston swimmer's family is required to time a minimum of 3 timing shifts per swimmer. If you have more than one swimmer, the family timing requirement cap is 6 shifts. **This excludes timing your own swimmer for distance races. It also excludes Championship meets, finals or travel meets. Those shifts are not included in the minimum requirement. 


Weston will provide an alternate timer for each timing shift. Every family will be assigned as an alternate at least once per season. The alternate timer will fill in if an assigned timer does not show up for their shift. If you step up to time you will be given timing credit for that particular shift and the person who fails to show up will not receive credit. 

Who Can Time:

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to time. This includes family friends, college kids, sitters or grandparents. No experience is necessary! 

How to Sign up to Time:

As the meet information becomes available online timer sign-up sheets will be created. A few days before each meet we will put together the timing roster. We randomly assign shifts based on when your swimmer is in the pool. If you are assigned a timing shift and you are unable to fulfill it, please find a substitute and let us know your replacement.  Team rosters and contact information are on our website. If your swimmer scratches from a meet please let us know immediately and we will take you off the timing roster and find a replacement. 

Penalty for Failing to Comply with Timing Requirement:

Timing is a necessary function of swimming. And some people will even go so far to say that timing is FUN! We are required to provide timers to all swim meets. The number of timers is based on the amount of swimmers we enter into a meet. Our team is penalized when we fail to meet our timing obligation. 

In order to recoup our losses, we have enacted a penalty for failure to comply with our timing assignment. If a family doesn't show up for an assigned timing shift and fails to find a replacement timer they will be assessed a $75 fee per shift at the next billing cycle immediately following the meet.  

Also, if at the end of the season a family fails to meet the minimum timing requirement they will be assessed a $75 fee for every unfulfilled shift. If a family knows it is unable to meet the minimum requirement we offer a timing buyout option for $250 for the season per swimmer.  If you are interested in this option please reach out to our timing coordinators.

Exceptions and Limitations to the Timing Requirement:

1) If a swimmer is unable to complete a season due to injury, Weston Swimming waives the timing requirement.

2) Weston will work with individual families to accommodate special requests or needs. For example, some families choose to complete all of their timing shifts in one weekend.

3) The timing requirement is only a minimum. The more meets your child swims the more likely you are to time. 

If you have any questions or concerns about timing please do not hesitate to reach out to our Timing Coordinators, Iryna Akolzina (12 and unders) and Julie Hawkins (Seniors).