Seasonal Breaks

A Message About Season Breaks
aka. The time off between short course and long course and long course and short course.

Our team policy is after your last Championship meet, your practices are over until the beginning of the next season. This time off is important for athletes to take both a physical and psychological break from the pool. 

Physically, this break can help avoid overuse injuries that typically occur in a swimmers shoulders, upper arms back or legs. The break between seasons gives time for these muscles to recover and repair properly. Psychologically, the break is important more so for older swimmers who experience emotional stress from both practice and competition.

The most important reason for a break is to insure the long term success of our swimmers. Too often, we have seen athletes "burn out" from swimming or plateau in their times at a young age and lose interest in the sport. The break between SC and LC give our swimmers something to work towards and look forward to each season and will help provide a life long love for the sport.

During the break, we recommend that you find alternative activities to keep your kids mobile such as walking, running, cycling, rollerblading, climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding, basketball, tennis or circuit training. Get together and go see a movie in the theater or have a popcorn night at home.

This year our break will run as follows:

For Gold, the last meet is February 18. After that date, we will have one or two more "fun day" practices to wrap up their season. All Gold swimmers will take a break until we start Long Course. Currently, we are hoping for a start date of April 2 for Gold swimmers only, however this date is still pending. 

For Age Group, Age Group Select, Senior Development, Senior and National - the last day will be either Regionals, Seniors, Age Groups or Sectionals, depending on your qualifying times. After the last meet you qualify for ends, you will take a break until we start Long Course. Currently, we are planning on starting Long Course for the groups listed above on April 16.