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Short Course 2020-21 Registration Dates
OCSC Short Course 2020-2021 Registration
PLEASE EMAIL OCSCCOACH@GMAIL.COM TO REQUEST PLACEMENT BEFORE REGISTERING if you don't receive one by Aug 24, 2020 by end of day.  Coaches will then email you your group placement & schedule prior to registration.
Registration Dates for Short Course
Thursday, August 20-Friday, August 21-Registration for Makos & Tiburones 
Monday, August 24-Placements sent by end of day to all groups other than Makos/Tibs
Tuesday, August 25-Wednesday, August 26-Registration for all groups other than Makos & Tiburones
***If the system shows the group you are trying to register for as full, please email coaches for alternative placement if available.  
Short Course Season Dates
Leopards, Hammerheads, Sand Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Bull Sharks, Squali, Reef Sharks
Sep 8, 2020-Feb 14, 2021
Aug 24, 2020-Mar 10, 2021 (or last qualified meet-state, speedo, etc). 
Additional charge for FL/MN practices.


2020-2021 Registration Rates

Due to the restrictions that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to swim communities the ability to plan a long term schedule has made it difficult to set standard fees for the upcoming season. Available pool space and number of swimmers able to swim can change at any time during the foreseeable future. Therefore we decided to proceed with a Floating Payment Structure:

All rates will be based on a $5.00/hr rate as per the upcoming month swim schedule provided by Coaching Staff (due 1st of each month) These fees will automatically be charged to the card you have provided during registration. $50.00 Minimum monthly fee. The $5.00 hourly fee begins to apply after 10hrs of scheduled swim time in a month. All groups that are scheduled for 10 or less hours in a month will be charged the $50.00 minimum fee for that month.


If Squali projected hours for September are 6 hours of pool time for the month

$50.00 minimum applies

If Squali projected hours for September are 12 hours of pool time for the month

$50.00 minimum +  $10.00 = $60.00

If hours in certain months go up or down the fees will be changed accordingly based on $5.00/hr scheduled pool time for that particular month. If we foresee a large change coming up we will notify all families ASAP to try and avoid any surprises.

+ a USA Swimming Annual Registration fee $72 for swimmers 9 & older due for ALL swimmers

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19: If there is a closure of the pool, and the team has not been able to complete at least one calender week of practices, monthly fees will be stopped until the pool reopens and swimmers are allowed to practice. At that time, fees will reactivate.

Refund Policy

*Early Withdrawal Fee* – if a family should choose to withdraw their child within the first 2 weeks of practice, they will be subject to a $100 Early Withdrawal fee.  NO REFUNDS will be issued for swimmers withdrawing from the team after the 2nd week of practice.

IMPORTANT: You must complete online registration in order to secure your swimmer's spot on the team.  After you register online, you will receive 2 emails:
  1. a "Registration Receipt" which will confirm payment was received and will show your swimmer's status as "Pending Approval."
  2. an Approval/Confirmation - this email is your confirmation that your swimmer is officially on the Long Course roster.  This email most likely will not be received until 24-72 hours after registration.
All online registrations will be approved in the order they are received, in accordance with the priority group timelines listed above.