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Priority Registration FAQs

OCSC Priority Registration


Why do I need to register so early?

As a growing club, we are doing our best to strike a balance between swimmer demand and the pool space/time we have to work with.  The sooner we know how many kids intend to swim, the better we can plan.  Your cooperation with an earlier registration timeline will help us establish the practice schedule sooner and provide swimmers with a quality practice experience.

I only want to register for LC1  – how do I know what group to register my swimmer in?Why do I need to register so early?

If you have notified the coaches that your swimmer is interested in LC1 Only, you can expect to received a group placement email by 3/5/19.

Will you open a LC2 registration at a later date?

Unfortunately, there will be no LC2 only option this year.


Why are there now early withdrawal/late registration fees?

Because our pool space/time is limited and precious!  We desperately need you to register promptly – that gives us the ability to plan, staff and coordinate for the kids who want to swim.  We are, literally, planning lane space & coaching time for every child that registers.  If a swimmer were to quit mid-session – we’ve already planned pool space/coach time for that spot and have no opportunity to recoup the revenue.