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Volunteer Commitment

      OCSC Volunteer Commitment Agreement


As with any organization, we have expectations of our members, which enable us to offer a quality program for all our swimmers. Our Home swim meets and the Oregon Kids Triathlon (OKT) are the two big fundraisers for OCSC each year. The dollars generated at these events reduce our registration fees and allow us to provide team-building activities for our swimmers throughout the year. Without parent volunteers much of what OCSC does would not be possible. This is why it is vital that each family participates.   


1) Each swim family must work a shift and provide a concession donation at the Oregon Kids Triathlon (OKT). This commitment begins when your child enrolls in their first session of swim club (includes swimmers that only swim 1 session/year).  OKT is held on the 2nd Saturday in August each year.  Failure to fulfill your committement will result in a $100 charge.

2)  This upcoming season we are hosting 2, 2-day meets, both during the Short Course 2 session:

  • Jan 19th & 20th, 2018 - Home meet (at the Oregon Pool)
  • Feb 10th – 11th, 2018 - Star of the South Cup (location TBD)

All registered swim families must work 2 shifts at these meets.  A concession donation will also be required – more details to follow.

Families who do not fulfill the above 2 swim meet commitments, 2 shifts per meet and a concession donations will incur a $100 commitment charge to their swim account ($100/meet if volunteer time is not fulfilled, $200 for 2 meets missed).  

3) Each swim family must sign up to be on an OCSC committee once they have been involved in 2 or more sessions (ex. Short Course 1 and Short Course 2). Descriptions of the different committees can be found on the website under the Memberships Tab/Volunteer Commitments. Signups for committees take place each September as a start to a new year.  Failutre to volunteer for an OCSC Committee will result in a $100 charge.

Please consider signing up for a committee in September if you think your child may swim 2 sessions throughout the year to ensure that you get a committee that works for your family.

****OCSC does realize that at times the event dates will not work for families. Event dates are posted as soon as possible to allow families to plan accordingly. When a family is unavailable, sometimes help or assistance can be provided prior to the OSCS event to fill your commitment with us. Finding a substitute to work the required shift is also an option.

The success of OCSC is dependent on the help from all families involved in the club.

 For any questions about OKT Volunteer, Swim Meet Volunteer or OCSC Volunteer Committee requirements, please contact the Special Events Coordinators Crystal Weber or Jessica Lorson.


Descriptions of Some Committees:


1) National Night Out  - An evening event held in August. Need volunteers to set up a booth/table to give out information promoting OCSC and our team activities. Hand out pamphlets and fun trinkets to all who stop by the table for information. 


2) Intra-Squad Meet - Works with Head Coach to organize a fun filled night of getting our newest swimmers used to a swim meet, without all the pressure.  Need volunteer to organize a pot-luck for this event. Information on how and what to do is available under Events or the Special Events Coordinators.  


3) Team Photos - Organize the annual team photo shoot with a photographer and coaches. Oversee the photo session, help swimmers, answer questions about photo packets, etc. 


4)  Bowling Party - Need volunteers to organize and supervise a winter bowling party. Information on how and what to do is available from the Special Events Coordinator. 


5) Spaghetti Dinner - Held in February. This is another traditional event held 1 or 2 days before the conference meet. This dinner is only for the swimmers. Need volunteers to organize, prepare and serve food as well as help the swimmers create a team costume for the conference meet. 


6)  Summerfest Parade – End of June. Need volunteers to organize and supervise this activity which involves creating a team float to be proudly displayed in the Summerfest parade.


7)  All City Swim Meet - end of July.  Need volunteers to coordinate and man an OCSC booth over this 3 day meet to help promote the club.


**8)  Oregon Kids Triathlon - Will be on August 12, 2017.  All swim families are required to work this event through volunteering time to help as well as donating food and drink items for concessions. Special Event Coordinator will be in charge of food.


**9)  Home Swim Meet January 19th - 20th, 2018. All swim families are required to work 2 shifts at this event. Volunteers are needed to help as timers, runners, staging, meet officials and meet marshals, concessions sales, for set up and break down. All families must donate concessions items as well. 


**10) Star of the South Cup - February 10th - 11th, 2018.  All swim families are required to work 2 shifts at this event. Volunteers are needed to help as timers, runners, staging, meet officials and meet marshals, concessions sales, for set up and break down. All families must donate concessions items as well. 


** Must work these events along with one other committee.