Become an Official

How to become an official?  It's easy.  Click here for info from Southeastern Swimming.

If you have any interest in becoming an official, contact John Boxmeyer, head coach.

2015-16 Nonathlete Registration Form, click here.  Please bring to the CTA office when complete  Also, please make sure your Background Check (BGC), Athlete Protection Training (APT) and testing are up to date by checking the OTC on www.usaswimming.org.  Remember, officials/apprentices are always welcome to  work  away meets for any number of sessions.  It's always good to get another point of view.


Good Information:

CTA officials:

  • Laurie Copeland, S&T
  • Martyn Dixon, S&T
  • Katie Duncan, S&T
  • Anthony Harris, S&T
  • Julie Hinton, S&T
  • C'Kiimba Hobbs, S&T
  • Mike Mathis, S&T
  • Shannon Sellers, Starter,S&T
  • Laura Skinner, S&T
  • Matt Skinner, S&T
  • Joe Smith, S&T
  • John Yoder, S&T