What to Take


  • CTA Gear:  team swim cap (required), team swimsuit (required, old or new model), team t-shirt, team sweats, team parka
  • goggles (and back-up pair)
  • Highlighter and pen for heat sheets
  • Sharpie to mark your swimmer with his events, heats, and lanes (E, H, L)
  • Money for heat sheet ($5-15). A heat sheet tells you what event, heat and lane your swimmer is in. It will also have a time line (approximate times that events start) and a list of what teams are participating.
  • Towels (several, as they get soaked fast)
  • Something to sit on (folding chairs for swimmers and parents, sleeping bag, old blanket). Stands are not always plentiful at the different pools.
  • Umbrellas, tent, folding chairs and sunscreen for outdoor meets (ie. Wald Park Pool).
  • Clothes to keep your swimmer warm (sweat shirts/pants, t-shirts, socks, flip flops, crocs, parkas, blankets)
  • Games, cards, Nintendos, books, magazines, homework, ipod, Polly Pockets, legos, etc... to pass the time between events.
  • Food (brought in a cooler from home or purchase at the meet).  Bring money to purchase food.
  • Bring:  Dry cereal (non-sugary), bagels, PBJ sandwiches, pasta, granola bars, power bars, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, goldfish crackers, fruit, berries, grapes, veggies, yogurt, jello, Gatorade, Propel (less sugar), fruit juice, water, water, water
  • Avoid:  soft drinks, carbonated beverages, high fat and high sugar foods
  • Camera (with battery charged)