Meet Schedule

2018 Long Course Schedule

Date Meet and Location
4/7-4/8    CTA "Spring Fling" (all groups/swimmers will swim, parents needed)
4/28-4/29    SCAT "Long Course Kick-Off" (open to all 13/older swimmers)
5/5-5/6    SBY Open (for White/Crimson/Junior & any Senior not attending the SCAT meet)
mid-late May    TBD
6/8-6/10    HSA Open in Huntsville (for Crimson, Juniors & Seniors)
6/16-6/17    BSL Open  
6/22-6/24    AUB Pre/Finals (for Junior & Senior or 13/older or by permission of Head Coach)
7/7    CTA "Last Chance" (all swimmers will compete)
7/19-7/21    Southeastern Championships at Univ. of Tennessee (open to all qualifiers)
7/25 - ?    Phillips 66 Nationals/Speedo Jr. Nationals in Irvine, CA
  • For CTA to be able to send representative coaches to a swim meet, there needs to be an adequate number of younger and older swimmers entered in their respective sessions of the meet in order to justify the presence of a coach for that meet (i.e. - 12/under or 13/ups)
  • A Parent/Guardian will be required to work at least 2 sessions at each of the meets we host/co-host. If you are unable to work a session, you will be required to make a financial contribution to the CTA Swim Meet Operations Fund at the rate of $50 per each required session not worked. This fee will be drafted from your account at the next billing cycle.
  • A concessions and/or hospitality drink/food contribution or $15 fee is required for each meet we host or co/host. If the meet is hosted at the Crossplex, the fee may be $30.  This fee will be drafted from your account at the next billing cycle.