Team Store

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CAC uses Destination Athlete for all equipment.   Below are equipment that each group will be using during practice.  Team Stores will be open at the beginning of each season.  There will be a holiday store around Thanksgiving.  If you have any questions about the items, please email Jon.

INTRO: Finis Positive Drive Fins

AG 1/2/3: Finis Positive Drive Fins, CAC team suit, CAC cap 

Senior 2: Finis Edge Fins, Paddles CAC team suit, CAC cap

Senior 1: Finis Edge Fins, Paddles, Finis Snorkel, CAC team suit, CAC cap


 All CAC swimmers are required to have a team suit, team cap (if worn), team t-shirt, kickboards, and fins.  The team did purchase 24 kickboards this season, but they must stay at the pool.