Pre Caiman

Pre-Caimans (Non-Competitive Levels):

Contact: Deb Isidro

Email: [email protected]203-966-4528 ext. 133.


Pre-Caimans 6-10


Pre-Caimans provides swimmers ages 6-10 the opportunity learn the basics of all four strokes in order to move up to our Pride Group and excel in the sport of swimming while enjoying and having fun in the pool. Athletes must have knowledge of all four strokes; Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. Swimmers will have the opportunity to participate in an optional inter squad meet at the conclusion of the 12 week session.


Skill Requirements

25 Yard Freestyle

25 Yard Backstroke

Athletes need to be legal in Freestyle and Backstroke. Athletes don't have to be legal in Butterfly and Breaststroke but need to understand basic stroke principles.



Athletes uphold the YMCA core values as they learn to excel in all four strokes. Although athletes are not required to make three practices each week, Swimmers are expected to establish a schedule so the coaches can aid each swimmers development and help them become the best they can be. Swimmers are expected to be respectful to coaches and other swimmers ability to understand instructors. Athletes must demonstrate the drive and passion to better themselves in and out of the water.

Athletes will be pushed to pursue goals, from being legal in backstroke to moving up to Pride Group. Coaches expect swimmers to vocalize goals, what they are having trouble with and what interests them in and out of the water.


How to Move up

Athletes will be evaluated on the 11th week of Pre-Caimans. In order to move up to Pride athletes must be legal in all four strokes, show respect to teammates and coaches, follows instructions given by coaches about drills, expectations and corrections, and practice attendance.