Coaches, Board, Officials


Mimi Hyuga, Head Coach email  

Rory Perry, Ast. Head Age Group Coach 

Rich Welsh: Ast. Head Developmental Coach 

          Junior Coaches:   Paige Starr & Jack Sedito





Board of Directors

Martine Walsh: President 

Caroline Civitano: Vice President

Katja Rivera:  Treasurer 

Megan Knolker: Secretary

Cleon Dawes: Timing Coordinator 

Melanie Welsh: Mini Meet Coordinator 

Elina Zak: Events Coordinator 


Board Members are available Monday - Friday (normal business hours)

Please allow 24 hours for a response.  













The NFAF team is looking for a parent to volunteer to become an official! If you have any interest at all in obtaining this certification please reach out to Martine at [email protected]