NF AquaFlyer Programs:

Whether your young athlete is a seasoned swimmer or new to the sport, we have something for everyone! Below is an overview of the AquaFlyers swim programs that we offer throughout the year:

Training Teams: 

We offer training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels -- training geared to challenging each swimmer and developing him/her to the best of their ability.

Our program consists of 6 training teams for Short Course and Long Course (MinnowsDolphinsMarlinsRaysSharks, and Barracudas) The skill level of each team range from the Minnows, our non-competitive team that learns the stroke skills to become a competitive swimmer to the Barracudas/Senior, comprised of our most advanced swimmers. 

All swimmers are assigned to a training team by the coaches based on ability and maturity.

Technique Clinics: 

AquaFlyers swim coaches offer technique-oriented clinics for our competitive swimmers. This one week instructional clinic is held prior to the start of each season and cover topics such as dives, turns, breaking down mechanics and more. While these clinics are not mandatory for our swimmers, the feedback we receive is tremendous!

For more information about our clinics, click here.


The NF AquaFlyers Learn-to-Swim program will help your swimmer master the basic skills, at their own pace, so they can swim safely and enjoy the water. Your beginner swimmer will learn how to get in and out of the water safely, control their breath by blowing bubbles, float and kick, and move in the water. More advanced swimmers will learn to move their arms and legs together, teaching the basic skills so they can swim without assistance and improve upon the skills they already know.

For more information about Learn-to-Swim, click here.

Questions? Want more information about any of our programs? Please e-mail [email protected]