Special Events


             Canceled for Short Course 2020-21



Special Events:

During both the short course and long course seasons, the New Fairfield AquaFlyers have special events that provide a great opportunity for swimmers and families to spend time together outside of the pool. These events are great for team building, developing friendships and celebrating individual and team accomplishments.

Some of the events that we have include:

  • Community service events (i.e. the 2016 & 2017 Halloween Costume Drives generated over 275 costumes to help area children/families in need!)
  • Team pasta parties
  • End of season banquets and picnics
  • Sleep over meets

To find out more about these events, look out for team emails and/or visit the Meets & Events section of our website to view upcoming events.

The special events and fundraising committees work closely together as many of the activities overlap. Any new ideas are always welcome and very much appreciated. Volunteers are always needed to ensure that the events run smoothly. If you are interesting in helping out, please reach out to one of the coaches and/or board members.