Fiscal Policies

New Fairfield AquaFlyers Fiscal Policies:

In an effort to be a keep you informed and be a transparent, non-profit organization, we have provided our fiscal policies below. Please take a moment to review and understand them. If you have any questions, please contact our Team Treasurer.

Mailing Address: If you elect not to link a credit card to your team account, payments are due the 1st of each month and can be mailed to New Fairfield AquaFlyers, P.O. Box 8326, New Fairfield, CT 06812.

1) Delinquent or late payments past 21 days may receive a $10 Late Fee charge if repeated and may result in a loss of swimmer practice time and meet participation until the payment is reconciled. Parents will be advised when a payment is past due. 

2) Swimmers who choose to withdraw from the season for non-medical reasons forfeit their program fee and all meet fees for which they have paid. If there is an injury a request may be made to the board to have the season prorated provided a doctor's note is given within 30 days of injury and specifies a start and end time to the injury. This prorate must then be approved by the board and cannot apply to 3rd party fees such as meet fees or USA swim fees. Should you elect to do this, a doctor's note will also be required to allow a return to swimming. 

3) Program fees are based on the number of swimmers expected to be in the program for a particular season, an appropriate coach/swimmer ratio and established pool rental times. As a result, discounting fees when a swimmer is absent or unable to participate is not possible. If a pool closure beyond the AquaFlyers control (i.e. weather, school closing, high school swim meets) forces the temporary relocation of a practice or canceled practice, families are still responsible for payment of program fees. The AquaFlyers make every effort possible to provide alternate practice arrangements when our pool becomes unavailable and notify the team in a timely fashion when such closures are announced to us. Make up sessions are held only when possible, based on pool and coach availability. We only bill for 20 weeks even though there are roughly 24 weeks to the season, so some built in cancellation days are already accounted for.

4) Once entered into a meet, meet fees, also called splash fees, are nonrefundable. If you decline to participate in a meet and then ask to be included after the deadline and we are able to accommodate you (not a given), there will be a $20 inconvenience fee. The USA swim fee is a $78 fee required for all swimmers on a competitive team, regardless of their participation in a meet. It is triggered simply by practicing on a competitive team. We will register your swimmers in September and this carries through the entirety of the next year.

5) Optional services such as meet entry fees, social event costs and apparel purchases (excluding a team shirt given to new swimmers at the beginning of the short course season) are not included in the AquaFlyers program fees.

6) Checks that are returned by our bank will be charged a $30 returned check fee per violation.

7) Fees for swimmers who move up to a different practice team at the request of the family (and approved by the coaching staff) are pro-rated according to the fee schedule of the group to which the swimmer is changing.

8) Swimmers with account balances due are prohibited from competing in USA sanctioned swim meets including Regionals, Age Groups and Seniors.

9) Every AquaFlyer is encouraged to participate in our annual Swim-A-Thon. This is our largest fundraiser of the year and helps keep our registration fees down.  A set percentage (25%) of the total amount raised by the swimmer applies to the athlete's following season's fees. If, however, a swimmer leaves the team, the balance reverts to the Aquaflyers.

10) The AquaFlyers rely on volunteer support. Volunteering helps keeps the program fees down for our families. We do not have a monetary fine for not volunteering as some teams do, but ask that each family does their part to make the AquaFlyers the best team experience possible for our swimmers.