Program Fees: SC2020

Program Fees: Short Course 2020

The following is a detailed breakdown of each program cost & discount. Please read the complete explanations below. Any questions regarding billing or fees should be directed to our Team Treasurer.

For Learn-to-Swim program information, please click here. For Competitive Swim Technique Clinic information, please click here.

Mailing Address: Most families elect to pay by credit card, however, if you elect not to link a credit card to your team account, payments (due the 1st of each month) can be mailed to New Fairfield AquaFlyers, P.O. Box 8326, New Fairfield, CT 06812. Please plan accordingly if paying by check.

2020 Short Course (September 14-February 27) :


Fees for Short Course Season


$850 Program Fee


$745 Program Fee


$610 Program Fee


$610 Program Fee


$650 Program Fee
Minnows $650 Program Fee

Program Fee: This is the base cost to join the Short Course season and is set per team level (see above chart). There are only 14 spaces per team and some swimmers were turned away in your favor, therefore THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON.

Billing: The Program Fee will be billed half on September 1 and the remainder on October 1 Minus the $100 deposit paid at the time you accepted your position on the team.

New Member Registration Fee $25 : DUE TO COVID-19 LIMITATIONS WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS. This is a non-refundable registration fee for new swimmers that make the team (returning swimmers do not pay this fee if they register in time). This fee covers the initial evaluation (pool time/coaches salaries) and administrative costs.

*USA Swimming Membership Fee $75 ;  All new swimmers except Minnows : AT THIS TIME THERE IS NO USA SWIMMING MEMBERSHIP FEE, AS THIS GOVERNING BODY IS STILL DECIDING IF MEETS ARE POSSIBLE. THIS SECTION WILL BE UPDATED IF WE HEAR DIFFERENTLY FROM USASWIM. United States Swimming is the national governing body for swimming in the United States. The AquaFlyers Swim Team is a member of USA Swimming and Connecticut Swimming. We participate in USA sanctioned meets throughout the year. Every swimmer on the AquaFlyers (except Minnows) is required to register with USA Swimming in order to participate in these meets and be insured while participating in practices, meets, and approved functions. We will register your swimmer for you. You will only have to pay this fee if you are a new swimmer or a returning swimmer who did not do Short Course.

 The annual USA Swim membership fee is a 3rd party fee. 

Meet Fees (also referred to as Entry or Splash Fees): AT THIS TIME THERE ARE NO MEET FEES, HOWEVER WE WILL UPDATE THIS TAB SHOULD WE HEAR DIFFERENTLY FROM USASWIM. All AquaFlyers swimmers, except Minnows, are required to participate in USA sanctioned meets during the season. Dolphins will be invitated to participate as they become ready, later in the season.

When your swimmer commits to a meet, s/he can swim 1 day or 2 days of the meet (meets are usually 2 days held on a Saturday/Sunday; swimmers who swim distance events might also swim Friday evening of a meet). Excluding distant events, the coaches will register your swimmer for an average of 2-3 events per session depending on the meet (some meets, like the Westport Pentathalon have 5 events). Our team pays the host team all the event fees upfront. As a result, you are responsible for all individual event fees, whether your swimmer actually competes or not (unfortunately, this includes medical reasons as well). Relay Events: If your swimmer is selected by the coaching staff to represent the AquaFlyers in a relay event, the AquaFlyers will absorb the cost of that event. 

Since both the number of events athletes will swim during the season and the different event fee costs will vary, it is impossible to ascertain exactly how much your swimmer will be charged over the total season for event fees. Remember, you have a choice as to how many meets/events your child will compete.

By registering for a meet, you acknowledge, understand and agree to this policy. We realize unforeseen circumstances at the last minute can keep you from attending a meet, but the AquaFlyers will already have paid event fees to the host team on your behalf and we must be reimbursed for them. 

A swimmer's account can be viewed at any time online. If you have any questions regarding meet fees, contact our Team Treasurer

Additional Program Costs: To help you get an understanding of the total cost for the season, here are additional items each swimmer (excluding Minnows) will need for the season. Team Swim Suit (Female $60; Male $45); Swim Fins ($27); Swim Paddles ($20); Goggles ($15-$20) and Swim Caps (non-personalized $13 or personalized $30).


Multi-Swimmer Discounts/Abbreviated: There is currently neither a sibling nor an abbreviated swimmer discount. The teams will be limited to 14 spots. 

Swim-A-Thon Discount: Every AquaFlyer is encouraged to participate in our annual Swim-A-Thon. If your child participated, 25% of what he/she raised will go directly to your swimmer'  program fees. For example, if your swimmer raised $400, $100 will go towards your swimmer's program fee. 

Banquet Refund: If you paid for your spot at the banquet your credit is already placed on your account ready to offset your next bill. 

For a detailed explanation of our fiscal policies, click here.