Program Fees: SC2021/22

Program Fees: Short Course 2021/22

The program cost this season (incl. USA Swim registration for competitive swimmers) are listed below. If you are a swimmer on a High School Team and will only participate in the Aquaflyers program in the HS swim off-season please contact the treasurer [email protected]

Not included in the program fees are meet fees. These will be charged seperately and will depend on how many meets/events the swimmer commits to compete in (approximately $10 per race entered).  All competitive swimmers should wear a team swim suit and cap when swimming in a meet. 

A credit card on file is required, however, if payment by check is preferred, it can be mailed to New Fairfield AquaFlyers, P.O. Box 8326, New Fairfield, CT 06812. 


2021/22 Short Course (start: September 20th, 2021) :


Fees for Short Course Season 2021/22














Additional expenses for an Aquaflyer: To help you get an understanding of the total cost for the season, here are additional items each swimmer (excluding Minnows) will need for the season. Team Swim Suit (Female $60; Male $45); Swim Fins ($27); Swim Paddles ($20); Goggles ($15-$20) and Swim Caps (non-personalized $13 or personalized $30).

For a detailed explanation of our fiscal policies, click here.