Description: (competitive group) The focus on this AquaFlyers group will be greater core stability and strength, developing a complete understanding of all strokes, and greater improvement in regards to timing, dives, starts, and turn technique. Practices will be structured around 85 percent stroke technique and 15 percent developmental conditioning. 

Requirements: Swim 50 yards freestyle non-stop with face in the water; Swim 50 yards backstroke non-stop; Swim 50 yards breaststroke non-stop; Swim 25 yards butterfly; execute freestyle and backstroke flip-turns; perform breaststroke pullout; perform competitive starts for all strokes; Ability to pay attention to instruction and work well with other swimmers; Own and wear proper swimming attire such as a competitive suit, swim cap (if applicable) and goggles.

Practice Schedule: 3 practices per week. Swimmers are strongly encouraged to attend all practices, however, we understand scheduling conflicts can occur. We ask that the coaching staff is notified in the event of a long-term absence or of a consistent conflict throughout the season.

Competitive Meets: Swimmers are required to compete in 4 competitive meets during the short course season and 3 competitive meets during the long course -- plus regional championships (if he or she qualifies).

Attitude: Swimmers are expected to be on the deck at the start of their practice and have a positive attitude, respect their coaches and fellow swimmers, act safely, and respect all additional rules outlined in the New Fairfield AquaFlyers Handbook posted on our site.

Please Note: Final decision regarding participation will reside with the coaching staff.

Multi-Swimmer Discount: For families with multiple swimmers, there is a $50 discount on the program fee per additional swimmer after the first swimmer is registered at full price.

We encourage all Aquaflyers families to visit the Program Fees page on our website for a detailed explanation on all costs and payments. 

Important Note: Please note that the season is approximately 24 weeks long, however, there are times practice might be cancelled due to pool closures, school closings or other reason. We try to make up some canceled classes when we can but there is no guarantee on make-up classes.