Masters Program

Nutmeg Masters Swimming

This program is designed for individuals 18 and older interested in continuing to pursue swimming in a fun and competitive environment.  The goal of the Masters Swimming program is to improve athletic performance through innovative workouts oriented around aerobic development, speed and endurance work, and proper technique.  While the program is geared for individuals interested in competing at US Masters Swimming Competitions throughout the season, swimmers of all abilities are encouraged to join.  There are no prerequisites or tryouts for this program.   The Nutmeg Masters program is coached by Cecilia Emblidge. Additional expenses include meet fees incurred and  US Masters and/or New England Masters membership.

Training Schedule

Practice Begins August 29th!!!

Tuesdays & Thursday's: 6:00-7:00 AM

Saturday's: 6:00-7:30 AM

3 Month Season: Member $90 / Non-Member $140

Annual (9 Months): Member $250/Non-Member $400

Daily Drop-In: Member $8 / Non-Member $12

**Additional practices may be added throughout the season based on the desires of the group.

Participation & Payment schedule

USMS Membership  required. 

Register as a New England Master (NEM)    NMEG workout group to participate in meets with the work out group

Questions please contact Cecilia Emblidge at


Masters Practice