What is Springboard Diving?


Nutmeg Dive Team




What is Springboard Diving??

Springboard diving is one of the most spectacular and exciting aquatic sports. It involves an immense amount of strength, flexibility, and courage.  Competitive springboard diving involves one or two divers performing spins, twists and somersaults into a pool from a series of heights.

Height of the boards range from 1m to 3m, with platform diving going as high as 10m!  Not sure how high 10m is? Just imagine two giraffes standing on top of each other… and then diving head first from that height!

Nutmeg Dive Team will teach you and train you in the sport of springboard diving through the use of both of our 1m diving boards and training equipment.

Nutmeg Dive Team

The Nutmeg Dive Team offers both competitive options and non-competitive options to Divers.  The team runs year round and dues are paid monthly.  Each athlete is signing up for practice 3x a week.  However, we understand that everyone has different goals and we will work on an individual basis with each athlete to meet those goals.  Our program focuses on positive learning in a safe and fun environment and provides an opportunity to compete locally and/or nationally.