FITNESS (FIT) for Middle and High Schoolers


  • Must be able to swim three out of the four competitive strokes at the following distances without stopping or needing assistance

    • 100 Freestyle (front crawl)

    • 100 Backstroke

    • 50 Breaststroke

    • 50 Butterfly

  • Be able to complete a 30 minute practice

  • Be able to dive ether from the side or the competitive starting blocks


  • Decreased sedentary lifestyle

  • Attend at least one meet during the short course season

  • Improve upon preexisting swimming skills and refine new ones

  • To continue to refine competitive swimming skills while introducing advance training sets, race preparation, and endurance training.

  • To support lifestyle appropriate for achieving greatest personal success.

    • Great nutrition/massage/yoga

    • No drugs, alcohol and tobacco products.

  • To do everything within their power to reach their own personal potential

Squad Info

  • RAC’s Fitness Group program is designed with the intention of providing the curriculum and atmosphere necessary for 13& Over swimmers to discover their own path within swimming whether that be competitive or fitness based.  

  • Swimmers may attend as many or as few meets and practices as they would like.

  • The group is designed to have swimmers find a place in the sport as well as fill a valuable and recognized role within the club.

Notes on training: The fitness swimmer is a positive and hard-working athlete for the RAC program as a whole. Swimmers in the fitness group are expected to perform to the highest standards. Fitness swimmers must have the desire to improve and strive for the highest level.  Decisions on movement will be taken depending on achievement of performance criteria, age and physiological stage of individuals concerned as well as training attitude. Ultimately all decisions and reviews will be made at the Coaching Staff discretion.