Age Group

Age Group (AG)


  • Must attend 3-4 practices per week

  • Has increase their technical and tactical abilities in all four competitive strokes and all distances required for their age group.

  • Has become comfortable with racing longer distances.

  • Successfully complete 200 Free and 200 IM multiple times during Development Black.

  • Has become proficient on starts, and turns.

  • 75% attendance or higher (at least 3 practices a week). Coach retains discretion of accepting absences, which do not count against the attendance figure. Swimmers are expected to communicate with the Head Coach about other activities in their schedule.

  • Has been active in club events (Squad outings, Banquet, Memorial Day Parade, Swim-a-Thon, etc.)



  • To continue to refine competitive swimming skills while introducing basic training sets, race preparation, and endurance training.

  • To be able to swim the 400 freestyle and be comfortable swimming 200 of each stroke.

  • Learn how to conduct themselves with honor and selflessness at all competitions regardless of circumstances.

  • To be able to connect what happens in practice with the competition (race pace, race tactics, race strategy, mindset, process and goal setting).


Squad Info:

  • RAC’s AG program is designed with the intention of providing the curriculum and atmosphere necessary for success at CT Regionals, CT AGE GROUP CHAMPIONSHIPS and AG EASTERN ZONES Championships.

  • AG offers a highly competitive program for swimmers 14 and under.  The Coaches plans progressions from one session to the next; the more the swimmer can commit, the more value the swimmer will receive from the program and it will reflect on the swimmers results at meets.

  • Swimmers are exposed to a program that will directly prepare them for the challenges of the Junior Squad. This occurs through a high volume of swimming, focused practices and high expectations at swim meets. Swimmers learn the importance of practice and self-discipline. They are taught to appreciate competition, and see merit in high performance athletics.

  • Coaches work on all aspects of athletics with Age Group swimmers, and develop stroke technique, mental and physical strength, behavior, and attitude.  The AG swimmer is a positive, hard-working athlete who has a desire to succeed.


Note on training: Once swimmers are fully grown and are promoted as far as the Age Group/Junior program, they are required to train more frequently and more consistently than they did when they were younger to continue to improve (swim faster). Swimmers are strongly encouraged to attend all practices as skills and progressions are built in from one practice session to another.

Decisions on movement to the Junior Squad or Fitness Squad, will be taken depending on achievement of performance criteria, age and physiological stage of individuals concerned as well as training attitude. Ultimately all decisions and reviews will be made at the Coaching Staff discretion.