Board of Directors

Board Positions

PRESIDENT:  The President conducts all meetings of the Board of Directors.   The President will also direct any employment searches for the Head Coach as required and will serve as the primary contact point for the Head Coach.   The President may establish and appoint any special committees as deemed necessary for club business and shall serve as an ex-officio member of those committees.  The President is elected for a two-year term and is eligible for one re-election to the Board in the same position.
The Current Board President is Marcia Riebling.  Her term will expire in August 2018  

VICE-PRESIDENT: The Vice-President is responsible for the execution of all fundraising activities in the Club’s business plan and annual budget.   The Vice-President shall consult with the Head Coach/CEO in the development of the overall fundraising and corporate sponsorship plan for the club.  
The current Vice-president is Tracy Inall.  Her term expires in August 2019. 

SECRETARY: The Secretary maintains the team’s files, including minutes of all Board Meetings and changes to the team bylaws.  The Secretary handles correspondence relating to Board activities including notification of all meetings and arrangement of meeting places.   The Secretary prepares the agenda for all Board meetings (in consultation with the President and CEO) and distributes the agenda and agenda supplements to all Board members at least seven days in advance of the meetings.
The current Secretary is Christine Hruska.  Her term expires in August 2018. 

TREASURER: The Treasurer is responsible for all financial areas of the club.  These duties include:  working with the Head Coach/CEO and the Board in the invoicing and collection of all monies due to the club, reporting on revenues and expenditures at each board meeting, handling all tax and tax-related matters including the club’s yearly audit and working with the Head Coach on the establishment of the fiscal year budget. 
The current treasurer is Gayle Leonard.  Her term expires in August 2019. 

COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR:  This position is responsible for leading all communication activities that promote our swimmers and club to the general public.  These activities would include publicity for the achievement of our swimmers at swim meets and club publicity for activities such as the Swim-A-Thon. Additionally, this person, along with the Head Coach/CEO, would develop and oversee marketing activities aimed at recruiting new swimmers. 
The current Communications Director is Michelle Budicini. Her term expires in August 2018. 

SQUAD REPRESENTATIVES: The squad representatives serve as liaisons between their respective squads and the Board and Head Coach.  They oversee outside activities and assist with getting meet workers at our various competitions.   They represent the viewpoints of their respective members at the Board Meetings. The squad representative positions are one-year terms. 

The current squad reps are:

Vera O'Malley - National

Vera O'Malley- Senior

Mary Beth Slaminko - Elite

Jennifer Milton - Age Group Elite

Kerry Egerton - Age Group

Heather Arencibia - Development

STRATEGIC PLANNING AND CT SWIMMING LIAISON:  This position is responsible for leading the board in planning goals and strategies for future development of the club. This position is currently held by Todd Gordon.  His term expires in August 2018. 


Sandra Smith


Emmanuel Lanzo