College Connection


RAC prides itself in preparing swimmers for the demands of college both in and out of the water. Congratulations to the swimmers who have graduated from our program.

Class of 2022

AJ Bornstein - University of Michigan

Reid Chavez - Babson University

Jimmy DeMatteo - University of Delaware

Michaela O'Malley - Connecticut College

Jillian Retter - 

Kieran Smith - University of Florida

Class of 2021

Alex Burns - Bowdoin College

Lindsey Gordon - Vanderbilt University

Nicole Greene - Georgia Institute of Technology

Marcie Maguire - University of Virginia

Jared Nussbaum - Connecticut College

Liam Riebling - American University

Michael Riina - Bentley University

Luke Wang - Swathmore College

Class of 2020

Sara Al Khatib - Georgia Institute of Technology

Michelle Cai - University of Pennsylvania

Matthew Gasparrini - Holy Cross

Jeff Gilbert - Ithaca College

Austin Kenyon - Fairfield University

Kristofer Klemm - Norwich University

Gavin Lee - Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Erin McIntee - Syracuse University

Brian Valedon - Indiana University at Bloomington/University of Tampa FL

Rachele Zeolla - Penn State

Class of 2019

Travis Gordon - Tufts

Noah Scott - University of Connecticut

Jacky Yang - University of Connecticut

Class of 2018

Jaime Knippenberg - Loyola University Maryland

Lilly Martin - Southern CT State University

Emily Motill - Butler University

John Tusa - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

KelliAnn Valedon - University at Buffalo

Jordan Voves - Bucknell University

Class of 2017

Eliana Cohen - Swarthmore College

Kara Gasparrini - Holy Cross

Andrea Jelaska - Wheaton College

Courtney Kenyon - Loyola University Maryland

Patrick Maguire - University of Connecticut

Chris Myers - University of Connecticut

Kevin Pawlak - Columbia University

Class of 2016

Thomas Parks - University of Connecticut
Grayson Smith - Indiana University at Bloomington
Alexis Valedon - University at Buffalo

Class of 2015

Brian Bollerman – University of North Carolina

Faith Martin – Harvard University

Katie Feeser - Washington and Lee

Melissa Trail – University at Buffalo

Kerri Knippenberg - American University

Andrew Klutey – Princeton

Class of 2014

Sean Sutherland – Williams College

Kristi Edleson – University of Pennsylvania

Courtney Monsees – College of Charleston

Justin Kenyon – Catholic University

Ali Polhill – Clemson University / Texas Christian University

Class of 2013

Ben Feeser – Dartmouth College

John Kenyon  - Loyola University Maryland

Nick Lusardi – Fordham University

Sam Skidmore  - Southern CT State University

Joanna Tchobonova – Roger Williams University

Class of 2012

Danny Palmiotto – Wingate University

Tom Lombardo – Lafayette University

Madison Walsh – Holy Cross

Jack Driessen – Dartmouth College

Kristen Traynor – Mount St. Mary’s

Marc Fink – Loyola University Maryland

Christina Lodigiani – Case Western Reserve

Class of 2011

Ryan Shannon – Northwestern University

Julie Grecni – University of Connecticut

Matt Reiff – Holy Cross / Connecticut College

Class of 2010

Tim Cicchese – Bentley University

Matthew Kirkpatrick – St. Lawrence University

Kristin Williams – Boston University

Shannon Sutherland – Mount Holyoke College

Class of 2009

Rory Walker – Catholic University

Stelanie Mpazicos – Gettysburg University

Katie Swett - Tufts

Kelly Grant – Wheaton College

Alex Lovallo – Bucknell University

Class of 2008

Jeff Goldberg - Tufts

Jason Koza - Tufts

Ashley McEntee – American University

Christina Monsees – The College of William & Mary

Matthew Carlucci – Southern CT State University

Class of 2007

Danny Gannon – Iona College

Paul McCloskey – Springfield College

Class of 2006

Tara Antalosky - Southern CT State University

Kelly Danielson – Western New England College

Sarah Hutchinson – Wheaton College

Class of 2005

Bill Monaghan - University of Connecticut

Lauren Semschyshen  - Penn State University

Class of 2004

Jon Saladi – Bridgewater State University

 Brian Wood – Brown University

Class of 2003

Sara Leddy - Loyola University 

Ildy Polyak – Clark University