Code of Conduct



It is hereby acknowledged and agreed by the undersigned that in consideration of your children listed herein, being accepted as a member of the Ridgefield Aquatic Club that you agree to and understand the following code of conduct and agreement of performance. The code will cover all activities that involve the Ridgefield Aquatic Club including use of the Barlow Mountain Pool, and any facility leased by RAC for practice or any other purpose. It also includes behavior during scheduled competition times at all away meets and for the duration of all organized travel arranged by Ridgefield Aquatic Club, Connecticut Swimming, or United States Swimming for the purpose of competition or training.

Disciplinary action can range from but are not limited to reprimands, being sent home from practice or meets at the parent's expense, expulsion from the team, barred from competition, or any other disciplinary action that the coaching staff deems necessary if a members fails to adhere to the following code in part or whole. The RAC board may review infractions considered serious in nature.

The Code of Conduct that the swimmers are expected to adhere to during practice times is as follows. Swimmers will be told which area of the pool and its surroundings will be off limits and they will be expected to adhere to these boundaries.

The areas that are off limits to swimmers include but are not limited to any and all diving boards and platforms at any and all pool venues.. All areas of the Barlow Mountain pool except for the pool, locker rooms, and any other areas designated by the coaching staff are off limits.

Swimmers will be told what constitutes appropriate behavior and what is inappropriate while representing Ridgefield Aquatic Club during practice, team functions, swim meets, or any other team activities. Behavior that is inappropriate shall include but is not limited to the following: vandalism of any kind, horseplay, fighting, pushing someone into the water, throwing equipment (kickboards, pool buoys, etc.), entering the water before practice begins, smoking, consumption of alcohol, chewing tobacco, taking drugs, disrupting practice, unsportsmanlike conduct at swim meets, inappropriate language, any behavior that may cause harm to someone else and stealing of any kind. Taking photos and/or videotaping in the lockers rooms is strictly prohibited.

Team Travel Policy: When traveling with the team to meets, camps, social functions, or any other function where the swimmer will be under the supervision of a chaperone and/or a coach, you will be required to print, read and sign the Team Travel Policy, Liability Waiver and Medication Waiver for the Ridgefield Aquatic Club found on the team’s website. Rules stated in the Team Travel Policy for the Ridgefield Aquatic Club will be in force from the time a swimmer is dropped off at a departure site until being picked up by a parent or guardian after returning.

General Conduct of Swimmers and Parents at Meets: At all swim meets, swimmers are expected to wear the team suit and (if a cap is worn) the team cap. Only under conditions in which the team suit may be considered inappropriate may an alternate suit be used. An acceptable alternate to the team suit is a plain black suit. No swimmer shall attend a meet unless accompanied by a parent or a chaperone arranged for by the swimmer's parent or guardian. In prelim/final meets, all swimmers who qualify to compete in finals are expected to participate in finals.  Parents are expected to remain off the competitive deck unless acting in an official capacity such as a timer or official.  Parents will be expected to serve as timers (or a corresponding meet worker position) as assigned by the pool representative.