Suit Policy


Do I have to wear a team suit?

The RAC team suit and team cap are REQUIRED at meets. We have two styles for both boys and girls to choose from so the swimmer can choose the suit they are most comfortable wearing. Team caps and tee shirts will be handed out (for free) in October. If your cap rips during the year, the coach has additional caps for sale. Don't forget to label all your gear

Can I wear my team suit to practice too?  

Wear the RAC team suit to meets only. They wear out too quickly if you use them for practice too. You can wear any suit for practice.There are many websites that have "grab bag" options for practice suits like and

How long does the team suit usually last?

Our RAC team suit is Endurance material so it lasts longer than the regular Lycra suit. You typically only get one year out of a team suit. It's not in the best interest of the swimmer to buy it big and try to get two years out of it. They are meant to fit snug.

What if my child loses their RAC team suit during the season?  

Our Equipment Manager keeps a few team suits in stock for sale if you lose your suit during the season. If we don’t have the right size in stock, you can purchase a plain black Speedo (Endurance or Lycra) as an alternate, it just won't have the RAC logo. There will be another opportunity to purchase the RAC team suit in the spring.

Do I need to buy a championship suit?

Championship suits are not required, although the coach may encourage older swimmers to wear championship suits at higher level meets. Championship suits may not be worn at meets unless specified by the coach as a focus meet or championship meet. If a child chooses to wear a championship suit for focus meets, we recommend Aquablade for 12/U. 13/O may select a technical suit of their choice as long as it complies with FINA regulations. Families do not need to buy championship suits at the beginning of the season. They can buy them on line at a later time if they choose.


Do I have to buy a team bag or team warm-up suit?  

Team bags are not required, but they work great for practice and meets. Plus you can have your name embroidered on it to help avoid confusion.

Team warm-ups are required for the Elite Group only, although you can purchase a team warm-up if you wish.

What about other team equipment like sweatshirts, sweatpants and hats? Where and when can I purchase those items?

Go to our iTown store at:

You will be able to purchase all types of RAC apparel on line and have it delivered directly to your home with Free Shipping.