Timing Information

Throughout the year you will be assigned to time on a rotating basis along with parents of swimmers who also participate in Meets. Families with an active USA Official are exempt from timing assignments. (Officials spend an entire Meet working on deck.)  

When our Team is entered into a Meet, the Team hosting the Meet will notify us of the number of timers we are required to provide. Based upon the required number of timers, families are assigned to time at a Meet. Timer assignments are assigned to the families of swimmers who are entered into a swim meet. If your swimmer is not entered into a swim meet, you will not be assigned to time. 

  • It is your responsibility to review all posted Meet Entries for accuracy and any changes/corrections should be reported to the Head Coach and the USA Timing Chairperson (Bill Natlo) immediately.
  • If your swimmer is Listed on a Meet Entry, you may be required to time.  
  • If you are scratching your swimmer from a meet, you must notify both the Head Coach and the USA Timing Chairperson (Bill Natlo).  

If you are assigned to time, you will receive an e-mail as a reminder 2-3 days prior to the Meet. If at that time you realize that you are unable to fulfill your timing assignment, you will need to find a replacement by reviewing hte meet entry, and contacting parents of swimmers who will be attending. The team roster includes email addresses and is located in the Team Information tab.  

Timing assignments are not optional.