Group Descriptions





Ages:  6-10

Group Description:  The youngest level of the Rapids program with an emphasis on building a strong foundation of all four competitive strokes – butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle – along with starts and turns.  Novice group swimmers will learn the importance of correct body position along with the importance of having strong kicks for all four strokes.  As swimmers progress through our Novice group, they will continue stroke development, while at the same time, begin to be introduced to low-impact interval training and race strategies and preparation.

Attendance Recommendation:  2-3x/week

Mandatory Equipment:  Water bottle and Fins


Ages:  9-13

Group Description:  Swimmers in this group have developed their skills and are prepared for training and commitment necessary beyond Novice group goals.  The focus for this group is on stroke skill and technique development while introducing endurance training for longer swims.  The practice direction, structure and intensity will be designed for the long-term development of all strokes and swimming all events.  Emphasis is placed upon further development of swimming knowledge and skills, increased endurance and competitive race planning. 

As swimmers move through the Junior group, they will progressively increase the volume and intensity of their daily training.  Stroke refinement continues and a greater focus is placed on race strategy and preparation.  Athletes in this group are setting higher goals for themselves and are working with their coach to determine what it takes to achieve those goals.

Attendance Recommendation:  3-5x/week

Mandatory Equipment:  Water bottle and Fins


Ages: 13/Over

Group Description:  This training group is for swimmers aspiring to train at a higher level and prepare for higher competition (Age Group Finalist, Senior Championships, Zones, Sectionals).  Swimmers in this group are introduced to a more intense aerobic and anaerobic training than they experienced in the Age Group program.  Additional stroke development and refinement are incorporated into their training.  Total volume and intensity of training is high, and seasonal plans are based on training and taper for peak performance at championship meets.  Senior swimmers must be willing to work hard at practice and must compete at meets throughout the season.

Mandatory Equipment:  Paddles, Snorkle, Water bottle and Fins


Ages: 14/Over

Group Description:  The Senior Select group is the highest level of training for the Rapids Swim Team and has very high practice and meet expectations.

Swimmers in this group develop their individual technical and racing skills in order to advance in their sport.  This is the highest training level with in the Rapids Swim Team and places more responsibility on its members than any other training group.  Members of this group dedicate themselves to training, racing, and their swim team.  Athletes understand that being in the Senior Select group makes them role models for the younger swimmers on the Rapids Swim Team.  Swimmers commit to excellence in their sport and achieving high-level results in state and national meets.

Mandatory Equipment:  Paddles, Snorkle, Water bottle and Fins




Usually done twice a year (August & March)


1.      Prerequisites for the higher group met.

2.      Physical ability to train in the higher group.

3.      Maturity level of swimmer as it relates to practice skills.

4.      Space availability in higher group.

5.      Coach’s discretion at all times.